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  1. Miniroll

    MK23 NBB Pistol Mag Feeding Lips

    Yep the m9 maglips work, little did I know that it doesnt come with the rubber gasket! oh well, another thing i had to buy, least i know how it all works now...
  2. Miniroll

    MK23 NBB Pistol Mag Feeding Lips

    Haha, chance has it I actually already ordered KWA mk23 mag lips thinking they would fit! E-mailed milspec about returning them and they replied quickly! Will try these now see if they work! I cant say i've had any leakage issues with my ASG mags... i did the valves up tighter than a nuns cooch and I use nuprol 3.0 gas. I would say its probably o-ring thickness or placement which is peoples issues with the leak, or just unlucky batches of bad QC. thanks for the link! hopefully they work!
  3. Miniroll

    MK23 NBB Pistol Mag Feeding Lips

    I could just do trial by fire and buy all ones that are meant to fit, then send back the ones that don't haha! Looking at a few different types on firesupport website... the nbb asg mk23 ones are out of stock :C
  4. Miniroll

    MK23 NBB Pistol Mag Feeding Lips

    Make: ASG MK23 Pistol Mag Item: Feeding Lips Desired Condition: New Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n Budget: w/e Hi guys, I'm having trouble finding these online and actually ordered the wrong feeding lips... somehow one side of the lip broke on one of my mags, looking to replace it without having to dump 30 quid on a new mag... Appreciate the help! (i can upload pics of the mag if needed)