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  1. One step at a time going into the real steal, start with a shotgun, get to know the community and they will put you right if you fancy getting a rifle.
  2. PDI cylinder set from fire support? (PDI Precision Cylinder SET HD VSR-10) would that be compatible with the s-trigger? I think I am 100 % going AA hop up with maple leaf and concave nub. The AA barrel i am also keeping for the moment. Just need to decide on what cylinder set and what trigger.
  3. im struggling atm to find a cylinder and piston? also heard alot of good thing about s-triiger?
  4. what did you get, ive canceled my airsoft pro order now, thinking of going the Action Army route.
  5. Hi guys, so from my previous post i decided to go a head with a build (First timer so go easy on me). Base Rifle: JG bar 10 - Taiwangun Internals: AirsoftPro VSR CNC Zero Trigger Set V.4 Inc; - Spring guide - M150 Spring - Airsoft Pro Piston AirsoftPro VSR Steel Nickel Cylinder AirsoftPro VSR CNC HopUp Chamber Gen. 2 Action Army Stainless Steel Barrel 6.01 Vsr-10 430mm Action Army Airsoft Hop Up Bucking Rubber VSR-10 Sniper MB02 MB03 AirsoftPro
  6. i like the look more of the M24, but i feel there are more readily available upgrade kits for the vsr.
  7. post some pics? would love to see some comparisons.
  8. If I can get and build one for £300 then it’s totally worth it. if it’s going to cost me like £400 and be time consuming to find source parts you are totally right.
  9. I’m looking at possibly saving £200 pounds by not going for the tm and opting for a rifle already with a metal trigger and guard, as that seems to be the most expensive part.
  10. I know it’s going to cost approx £200-300 to upgrade. The question is however, do I go for a cheaper vsr frame or the tm frame? Do the parts from aspuk, pdi, edgi etc fit as good? Don’t want to buy a vsr format for the upgrades not to fit correctly.
  11. All the clones I’ve seen, the lenses are to reflective and you can’t really see through them.
  12. Or this as I guess vsr parts are easier to get hold of? http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-sniper-rifles/cyma-cm701b-vsr-bar-10-flat-black.htm#.Wq6LEyKnyEc
  13. Only thing I’m not sure of the availability of upgrade components for it.
  14. Liking the look of: http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-sniper-rifles/cyma-cm702a-flutted-m24-black.htm#.Wq6IqSKnyEc
  15. That’s what I was thinking, surely there is no point in buying a tm vsr for £200 odd when I’m going to completely strip out all the internals. Building the thing is simple enough, can anyone recommend good bases to build from? Also which components? Would like to stick all to one brand. any good uk contacts?
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