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  1. @tasum We I got my Krytac with first outing planned for 18th Nov. Also treated myself to a UTG RedGreenDot from RifleWork.co.uk @ £41, looking forward to trying her out in early Nov at our SkirmishCentral, Northamptonshire. Chrono .20 @ 349, 346, 342 fps with 19 rps out the box Chrono .25 @ 310, 309, 307 fps with 21 rps out the box Very happy!
  2. Even more impressive is chap personally called me to check i got my order. Very impressed and definitely use them going forward. To top it off he also and AirSoft player.
  3. Heres my first after months or research, review and this forums advice. Also treated myself to a UTG RedGreenDot from RifleWork.co.uk @ £41, looking forward to trying her out in early Nov at our SkirmishCentral, Northamptonshire. Chrono .20 @ 349, 346, 342 fps with 19 rps out the box Chrono .25 @ 310, 309, 307 fps with 21 rps out the box
  4. Just wanted to shout out about the brilliant service I received from RifleWorks.co.uk. Very Impressed!! Just bought myself UTG SCP-RD40RGW-A 3.8in RedGreenDot for £37 + £4.95 delivery, ordered Sunday (21/10/2018). Got 2x SMS messages Sunday was packaged & ready to ship. Delivered today Tue (23/10/2018) packed very well as 1st Class Sign For. They even had thrown in an extra CR2023 battery as well as the default 2x provided by UTG.
  5. @RENOVIERT I was/am in same boat and after 3mths decided on Krytac MK2 CRB. I pick the CRB over the SPR and LVOA as where I play the DMR/Sniper gun are restricted to 10m range. MK2 CRB felt more appropriate for me and Krytac make would stand me in good stead for quality but not highest end/cost with good upgrade/custom path in future. If helps I have also made shopping list of all items need when buy gun, post more research on all items and found all on PatrolBase : Gun KRYTAC Trident CRB MK2 FOLIAGE GREEN 1 £330.00 Magazine Nuprol Airsoft M-Series N-Mag 300 rd Flash Magazine 1 £11.00 BBs 0.25g Ares Amoeba 4000 1kg 1 £8.99 Batteries Nuprol 11.1V 1450mAH 30C Stock Tube LiPO 2 £22.00 Lipo Charger TURNIGY ACCUCEL 6 - NIMH/NICD/LIPO/LIFE/PB 1 £50.00 Lipo Charging Bag GIANT POWER LiPo Safe Charging Bag 1 £4.00 Gun Case 8Fields Tactical Padded Rifle Case-130cm 1 £40.00 Just my choices.
  6. @tasum thanks. I decided on the Krytac MK2 CRB but cant buy until Nov due to stock. I let you know my thoughts post then. What mags did you go for, trying to keep cost done initial so thinking to stay Hi-Cap for now and wonder what make you picked up for extra mags? PTS Mag seems common favorite but expensive... found good review of mags by this chap linked below using different guns. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ymp_WUvRvA Google Sheets of test results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-Zjl4p93KpMJIiN0TZxa71NzdJUgZofGGn5AcLvzP0U/
  7. Hi, Im interested but have few questions wonder if you could answer please: How old is the gun as only used few times and is it still in warranty? Has it had any upgrades done to it or is it all original G&G factory parts? Do you still have original box, manuals, etc? How will you package and send? Many thanks
  8. @E21A - Thanks for confirming. Makes a lot more sense now @Supermoose - Thanks, Im just speccing my loadout if go CM16 or CRB MK2 thus total cost to get gun/batteries/charger/etc. Will help me decide. @Dentonboy - One day TM, but not as my first gun Krytac my most expensive option at moment and style/colour after. CM option is more obvious and common recommend but not colour scheme after, ofc colour can be painted. Thanks for all the advice everyone. Great help.
  9. @tasum I'm in exact same position now on choosing between Krytac CRB MK2 or G&G CM16 and I notice you profile shows you how have the Krytac also. Can I ask what made you get the Krytac after choosing the G&G? Hopefully you response will help me choose ? Thanks
  10. @E21A ok so if I understand you correctly you mean... by default, when I switch to semi it's will be semi fire and switch to auto it will be full auto, but if I switch to semi and hold trigger 10s I am change the auto to be a 3 round burst only. I then have to go back to semi, hold 10s to change auto back to full auto? If so, that makes more sense and thanks for clarifying
  11. Just read through the CM16 Raider L2.0E and the Semi-Auto mode is pain. Switch to Semi then hold trigger for 10s. To go back to Full Auto repeat the step. Sounds like its all related to their new Electronic Trigger in the gun, dont like that., I just want to switch. Hmmm.. maybe im missing something, but this puts me off CM16 greatly.
  12. Thanks @Rogerborg @Druid799 @E21A For me over the next month (ETA Nov purchased planned) is making a list of items required to purchase with the gun, such as batteries, charger, mags (mid cap looking at), BBs, mid-cap loader (is that required or option without), nice gun box/bag to protect gun & gear whilst at stored at home (limited space where live). I take a look into the G&G GC16 guns too see what they offer.
  13. Welcome I'm reasonably new too and 1st game rented all kit. But quickly realised goggles, mask and camo my first purchase. Goggles ESS ones off EBay £24 comes with excellent 3x lens sets, clear, smoke, yellow tint One Tigris Mask off Amazon £14 One Tigris Multifunctinal Helmet £34 Gloves Mechanic Easy fit £13 Invader ATP Tropic camo gear £64 bought 2nd month of UBAC top and Revenger TDU trouser Boots are this month.. looking at EBay used Magnum Viper 8 app £35-50 Gun hoping to buy November time. See my shortlist post if helps. Before all that definatley recommend the beginner guides, they excellent. Hope this helps
  14. Thanks again. Friend just went down the Ares Honeybadger and all in mid-cap mags, bag, batteries, charger, spring upg. Delivered £500. So I'm thinking the CM16 L but got say the Krytak is still my gut fav. Think I price up a full load out initial buy Inc. Batteries, charger, mags, etc and see what totals come too.
  15. @Druid799 Thanks for the advice appreciated. FPS, agree and appreciated FPS does not equal accuracy but mainly range. The 350 FPS max is mentioned as the site I plan to stick at currently for next 6-9 mth is very local (25min) and well run, independent site with Max FPS as per most sites for Assault (350) and DMR (450). So just thought I mention any feedback needed to not be higher Mosfets is something as you say comes up alot.. and from research only thing which as a new buyer concerns is not wanting to fry terminals. Saying that, if the advice is they are not that important and thus saves money I happily treat Mosfet as bonus if gun has Other upgrades is more me researching to understand what they are and what improvement they add to understand terminology for now and thought process of next what upgrades can benefit or deprecate performance of a gun in general knowledge terms Again - many thanks appreciate the advice. If I discounted going the Krytac route, from build and quality, performance would you say G&G CM16 Raider-L 2.0E or Ares Honeybadger ?
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