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  1. One of those Double Eagles on TG probably fits the bill. Flat trigger and an option for binary trigger if you so desire. If the handguard isnt skeleton enough then you can easily buy something with the money saved. https://www.taiwangun.com/en/carbines-rifles/0,double-eagle#product-id:162816
  2. 3x1000 .48 BLS Bbs. 1x1000 .36 BLS Bbs 4x Cyma AK Mid Caps 4x Cyma SVd Mid caps 3x Perun basic mosfet
  3. I did think it was a wee bit far for people in Berkshire to run Battlelakes. Good to see it will be carrying on though.
  4. Just paid outfit the Stan Adventure SRS and AEG barrel alignment tool. Need confirmation that I am sure the Fast hop is poorly made.
  5. Just noticed that AP have opened a new site (Or rather borrowed it from Delta Force Paintball). Its just around the corner from AP. The Halloween game will be held there for the inaugural game day. Looks fairly interesting to play. They plan to run it one Saturday and one Sunday a month.
  6. I use a Fobus EM17 with my Strike Warrior. Its fits pretty well considering it's designed for a Glock.
  7. The GP-25 is not discontinued. It's been re-released recently.
  8. gf-ghostops-12 Be aware that it only discounts non discounted items.
  9. I don't think it has to be specific to NGRS. Anything will do, but if you want a Sam-Co motor there are very few options beyond the TM one and the China clone.
  10. Getting in a bunch of rifles before leaving the EU. This is the first of two orders in the next 2 months from Gunfire. E&L AKS74U £207 with discount code! Prommy Purple Bucking 3x 1kg .28 Rocket Platinum bbs SHS Set of Hop up chamber elements. Set of GF Future Tan Knee and elbow pads AK74n Railed grip mount (For my other E&L)
  11. Sure! At a guess it's from the SHS/Rocket OEM. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001322715006.html Whether it's a true Sam-Co motor is anyones guess.
  12. Just to mention. I have seen the pistol in the flesh and seen the issues. When it came back from the tech, the nozzle/bb unit refused to move smoothly and liked getting stuck in the hop unit, which meant you had to rack the unit by hand. After lubing the small hole in the nozzle/bb unit it does cycle, but not far enough to the rear and just continues to dry fire unless racked by hand. I am quite disappointed that the retailer is acting like this. I bought mine at nearly the same time and mine has had no problems. The only difference is I believe Al has had a ZCI barrel
  13. He's not kidding. Even I am tempted by the one on GF for just 80 odd quid! Not quite 8mm bushings though! If only to go with my eventually Poseidon kitted M4! http://www.poseidon.co.jp/2F/raisen/g_rai01.jpg
  14. My Tech freind says to uncrimp the endbell from the casing and probably remove the pinion gear as well. If you just want to buy a new motor, AliExpress are doing some Samarium Cobalt motors for £30+ that look interesting which may do the job. My buddy will buy your knackered Sam motor for the same price
  15. Just saw this posted on Battle Sector X's FB Page.
  16. That's a bit terrible. Should be free.
  17. You just need to play once a year after the UKARA is issued to you. (At least with my registered site) Contact them and say you played at roughly such and such date and they "Should" Renew it for you.
  18. Pretty sure the tappet plate is not in the groove of the nozzle. Should be like this
  19. Is the tappet plate slotted into the nozzle? I cant see it in the photo but I am pretty sure its not installed correctly which would cause the FPS loss.
  20. Keep forgetting to mention I am still coming! Haven't paid much attention to it as of yet. Pretty certain they only want US and UK forces though. So probably cant go as French.
  21. More SE Tour Reviews! Gunman Camp Bravo! 


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