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  1. A year old barely used PTS PDR-C for 228 shipped worth it? Sight unseen purchase. 


    Its a real looker though I am aware of its short-comings. I can still get it new for 320, which makes me pause, maybe getting a brand new one to make sure there are no wear issues with the proprietary parts...

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    2. Asomodai




      I trust the guy for what its worth. He had a hand in legislation for low powered air weapons and is fairly visible on the scene. 


      Of course the new price is not including an extra 15 quid shipping. So a 110 quid difference. 

    3. rocketdogbert


      What’s not to like? Judging by the condition of your Tavor, you appreciate guns that are looked after, it.

      You trust him, so why not?

    4. PT247


      They are lovely shooting guns if you can get used to the double action trigger.

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