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  1. Bad Influence Airsoft

    Biggest 3days milsim in Greece part1

  2. Bad Influence Airsoft

    Review Amoeba Striker AS01

  3. Hello guys i am Nick from Greece and i am trying to make airsoft more popular in my country... help me on that by subscribing to my channel if you like the video..:) Thank you!!
  4. Bad Influence Airsoft

    [ARMY] R28 Kimber Gen2

    REALLYYYYYYYYY nice job man!
  5. Bad Influence Airsoft

    Has anybody seen that grenade before?

    I really liked how they made it.. i also used it and i had any problem... and i think it is not need so much maintenance as other grenades need..:)
  6. Bad Influence Airsoft

    Full Review- STTi Mk23- Shooting test

    Hello guys... Check the video and if you like it support me! Thank you!!!!!
  7. Bad Influence Airsoft

    NOVRITSCH SSG24 scopecam slooooooow motion!!

  8. Bad Influence Airsoft

    Review Well Mb03 (Vsr10 clone)

    Its the same guys.. just the package is different.. on Mb03A or B or C the package include the scope or the bipod
  9. Bad Influence Airsoft

    First Greek Youtube Channel!Scopecam-Reviews-How to

  10. Bad Influence Airsoft

    Revolver with REALl CARTRIDGES!!

    Hello guys!!! This is my new review!! Check it out and if you enjoy the video dont forget to like comment and sub to my channel!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRMM_1SpFKk