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  1. Hello guys.. today i put on my table the urban sniper well mb06... This is my review about it thank you for watching..:)
  2. Not again man.. its not a clickbait.. its exactly what i said on the title.. i get shot (without notice it that time ) a guy with glasses off... Man i am sorry for misunderstand... It is not clickbait.. it is exactly what i said on the title.. i shot a guy twice after he called the hit. after i went back home and look at the footage in my computer i noticed that he didnt wear glasses!! if i notice it at the time i was aiming him i would shout ceasefire!
  3. Hello guys this is my new video on a 3days milsim event where i had some bad people... and i dont care so much about cheating.. i care about NOT WEARING GLASSES IN GAME!!!
  4. yeah at least a fixed hop up just to get some meters and shoot straight... hahahaha but it is also an old shit gun...:P
  5. Hello guys!! Recently i bought the novritsch ssx23 and i review it... ;D
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