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  1. Also a guy told me a trick, that you can put a coin down to the shell,between shell and metal capsule of cartridge to make the grenade go off faster.
  2. No offence man..:) really like to hear your opinion also. and your opinion will help also another player to think about it. i totally agree with you for the reviews on first impressions and lifespan view...
  3. hello mate! i didnt said it is very reliable. i said as long as i used it i never had any failure and the way it works its really hard to fail. and that is the truth.. i am playing some months with that grenade and never had any problem.. also in my area most of the players use that ..:S
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOjLkd5YLow
  5. Good monring guys... i upload a review of the Specna Arms G14 EBB.. Take a look! have a nice day!
  6. yeap check this out! You are right on that... and also in CQB games the voices and the echo is so loud to hear it yeah that also a nice feature for under 18s... in Greece is forbiden to play if you are underage.
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