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  1. Good monring guys... i upload a review of the Specna Arms G14 EBB.. Take a look! have a nice day!
  2. yeap check this out! You are right on that... and also in CQB games the voices and the echo is so loud to hear it yeah that also a nice feature for under 18s... in Greece is forbiden to play if you are underage.
  3. Hello guys.. today i bring again something crazy... a grenade... spring powered!!!
  4. Hello guys.. today i put on my table the urban sniper well mb06... This is my review about it thank you for watching..:)
  5. Not again man.. its not a clickbait.. its exactly what i said on the title.. i get shot (without notice it that time ) a guy with glasses off... Man i am sorry for misunderstand... It is not clickbait.. it is exactly what i said on the title.. i shot a guy twice after he called the hit. after i went back home and look at the footage in my computer i noticed that he didnt wear glasses!! if i notice it at the time i was aiming him i would shout ceasefire!
  6. Hello guys this is my new video on a 3days milsim event where i had some bad people... and i dont care so much about cheating.. i care about NOT WEARING GLASSES IN GAME!!!
  7. yeah at least a fixed hop up just to get some meters and shoot straight... hahahaha but it is also an old shit gun...:P
  8. Hello guys!! Recently i bought the novritsch ssx23 and i review it... ;D
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