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  1. Hello guys! check the video to get informed how to enter the giveaway! Good luck to everybody!!!
  2. Hello guys! check this out my new review for the shotgun.. if you like the video dont forget to hit the like button and to subscribe to keep in touch!
  3. Hello guys!! This is my new gameplay video from a milsim event called OVERLOAD in Romania!!
  4. you became my favourite commenter bro!! hahah thank you very much for your comment!
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0p_uPTqg3Y&t=
  6. Hello guys this is my new gameplay hitting a target at 103m!
  7. the WHY TO WATCH is like the WHY TO BUY IT? right?? hahaha thank you veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy much mate!! :D
  8. ΗELLO AIRSOFT WORLD!! This is my review for the cyma cm045...The distance is measured correct and the max distance is of course with overhop, and aiming higher from the target.
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