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  1. Hello guys today i am reviewing the Fogstop and there is a giveaway via instagram. Stay safe!
  2. hahahah nice... i check it and it takes btw the ssg24 parts.. i didnt test only the piston..
  3. Also a guy told me a trick, that you can put a coin down to the shell,between shell and metal capsule of cartridge to make the grenade go off faster.
  4. No offence man..:) really like to hear your opinion also. and your opinion will help also another player to think about it. i totally agree with you for the reviews on first impressions and lifespan view...
  5. hello mate! i didnt said it is very reliable. i said as long as i used it i never had any failure and the way it works its really hard to fail. and that is the truth.. i am playing some months with that grenade and never had any problem.. also in my area most of the players use that ..:S
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