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Taginn shell compatible launchable 40mm foam grenades

Taginn shell compatible launchable 40mm foam grenades


  • Price £10.00
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Make: svman730 industries
Gun/Model: tag shell compatible 40mm launchable re usable foam grenade
Accessories: none
Condition: brand new
FPS: gas and launcher dependent
Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: nope
Price/Payment: quantity dependent
Pictures: yes

I have designed a new model of re usable foam launchable 40mm grenade. This one has been designed to fit inside taginn launcher shells and is much smaller than the previous model coming in at 83mm in length. Still made of the same soft spongy foam making them safe for use on the field. As these fit inside tag shells they can be used with short barrle pistol launchers. If you don't have tag shells they can still be used with any other 40mm moscart simply by inserting the gas shell behind the foam round in the launcher. Tail fins have a steeper angle of cant adding more spin stabilisation as they fly through the air. All prices include postage and paypal fees as allways and they get cheaper the more you buy. Please remember I am making these myself at home which is very time consuming and labour intensive and they are priced accordingly. These arnt being cranked out by some machine. Because they are compleatly re usable you can fire off grenades all day long without bank rupting yourself. Yes they are not as fun as tag rounds that go bang but if your a 40mm addict like me you will enjoy the ability to be trigger happy without hurting the wallet. Prices below

£150 = x 50
£87.50 = x 25
£60 = x 15
£35 = x 7
£20 = x 3
£15 = x 2
£10 = x 1


  • Make
    Svman730 industries
  • Model
    Taginn shell compatible launchable foam grenade
  • FPS
  • Accessories
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