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  1. I guess so. So you'd recommend a normal AEG with a hi-cap and upgraded internals? Does inner barrel length matter considerably?
  2. But aren't most support guns, and pardon the colloquialism, 'f*ck-off heavy'? I mean, the M14 is about 4.2kg. After all the attachments and the battery and the BBs, it'll be around 4.8kg-5kg. But most support guns are 6kg+, right? The M60 is 7kg, I believe. I would LOVE an A&K PKM, for example, but the weight is just overwhelming.
  3. Hi everyone, As I'm almost exclusively playing long-range woodland games (I already have a weapon for CQB anyhow), I've decided that my next airsoft gun should be something with a bit more range and accuracy than your average assault rifle. However, I also love the support gunner role, being able to keep heads down and stop the enemy team from doing much. I was thinking the G&G M14 HBA-L, with its 450 round magazines, would be pretty good for this. The only downside I can tell is that it's pretty damn heavy, disproportionately so at the front. Does anyone know of any other guns that'd nicely fit the role between DMR and support weapon? (Around £400-ish). Cheers!
  4. 5th pic, 7th pic, and 10th pic? Thanks so much!
  5. This is precisely the sort of stuff I'm looking for! Would you mind sending me a kit-list?
  6. I reckon he'd still feel shots for the majority of these loadouts... MilSims are incredibly popular in the airsoft world, so why do you dislike people trying to replicate the loadouts and uniforms of the countries they're trying to simulate?
  7. No idea just a woodland camo with a PKM, balaclava, helmet, chest rig etc.
  8. Looks awesome, man! I'm starting a Russian loadout, so when I'm done, I'll post it here
  9. But whilst you played with it, did you enjoy it and consider it money well spent?
  10. Thank you so much! Would you say that after all the time and money spent on the upgrades, it's worth the £540+ (Around £430 for gun, plus all upgrades) price tag? Also, do you think I'd be okay if I just installed a tighter barrel, and a better rubber? What barrel would you suggest?
  11. Really? I've been told that the HOP unit was fine, but yes, apparently the rubber itself is awful. What was the CNC unit?
  12. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Russian support weapon, and I think I've narrowed it down to these two choices. Does anyone have experience with either of them, or both of them? My squad role will be mid/long-range suppressive fire, so I'll need good range, accuracy, and ammo capacity, and a gearbox that won't malfunction if I fire long bursts (I've heard some of the lower-end LMGs often use a gearbox which isn't upto the task of handling thousands upon thousands of rounds being fired in a few hours). I think I'll be able to handle the weight of the PKM, it's about the same weight as the bass I play every day, so it won't be too straining, especially as I'll be resting it on walls and lying down with it. I'm also not totally comfortable (right now) with doing extensive internal upgrades on a gearbox, so I'd also like to know how they perform out of the box. Many thanks, Tam
  13. WE 18c or KWA/ASG G18c?

    1. Monty


      They're both good. The KWA Glocks can fit in RS holsters, whereas the WE can't.

    2. Defender90


      By coincidence I'm got a KWA Glock 23F, on order. I've had a TM G18C for a bit and like aspects of the design but can't get over the plasticy lightness and the subsequent need to use the lowest power gas.

      I looked at a Stark Arms/VFC Glock but felt lighter and flimsier than I expected with the same problem of the slide not going forward properly, so bought a KWA HK45 instead and am seriously impressed with it. So I reckon this should be a damn good and hefty Glock according t...

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