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  1. Hello mate I have same issue as you. Do you have a particular load out in mind or are you not bothered? I run with a chest rig I have a an ASG special teams carbine and a Sterling 9 mm sub as back up all collapse down and fit into a dry bag . BDU's under water proof bike gear. At the site if no better option I keep crash helmet and bike gear in the dry bag chained to the bike while in the game. It not pretty it's not tacticool but it works.
  2. Switch from jungle boots to Lowa's Keep gas mags in coat inside pocket to keep them warm And always take my snow camo poncho to games( but that's just wishful thinking) Other than that gear stays the same.
  3. Can't help you for that area I'm afraid but I found that people at the sites are usually very amenable and will let you look over their Rifs. as for cheap first guns I got an ICS sport line M4 carbine when I started I think it was £90 and it's never missed a beat of all the Rifs I have and its the only one that has never had to have work on it. Quite good FPS and range as well. hope you enjoy ta first skirmish.
  4. How old are you mate if your over 18 I would recommend just using the hire guns at the site you attend ( they may have more than one model) then once you are Ukara registered you can spend money on a rif without the two tone. That's what I was advised to do when I started. Other than that what type of Rif do you want?
  5. well beyond my skill level I'm afraid, back to the search for me. But hats off to you mate that's sweet. How long is it with the stock closed?
  6. Loving the compact Rifle Samurai could. did you make this yourself? I think I have just found the answer to my problems.
  7. Once took out twelve people with a Grenade at Urban Assault. Unfortunately I was one of them and the other 11 were all on my team bloody thing sparked up in my pocket and exploded blowing the leg pocket off and set fire to my combats. Luckily everyone was to busy laughing at my epic dance moves trying to extinguish my trousers they forgot to linch me.so one free grenade got the blue team 12 kills that's got to be efficient.
  8. HA HA sorry lad no insult intended I had not realised the CCF was different. but the idea still stands
  9. sorry mate I misread the thread I thought you were after a TM VSR G SPEC not a VSR PRO.
  10. Alright Marra nice to have someone from my old stomping ground. naturally being my home county I will always favour towards Northumberland but as far as airsoft is concerned you have landed into the Bermuda triangle. Noticed you posted you were in the CCF can't you talk them into it then you can use unit transport. if you get on the bus with ya combats and a rif they are likely to report you to the polis as awol from Otterburn.
  11. Hello mate are you still looking for a TM G spec? If so what area do you live?
  12. I second Kerby91's comment about the WE Bulldog well worth a look got one for my nephew to use as a back up I fired it once and nephew hasn't seen it since.
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