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  1. Whilst I say business, we aren't looking to make any money out of it. Any profit would directly back into the site for improvements etc
  2. Yeah see we would be looking to set up a regular cqb site somewhere so we'd be a business
  3. Balls, puts paid to my plans then. Oh well thanks to every that's posted and to the op for allowing me to tag along lol
  4. I too am looking into this as we are trying to set up a cqb site local to us but land is so damn expensive. Any info is useful (sorry to OP for barging in haha)
  5. Actually get back into airsofting Buy m4 parts and build myself a cqb m4 (if only I could find bits locally cheap enough) in a £150 budget... Buy my old p229 off my buddy and give her the TLC she needs
  6. I love the WE open bolt stuff tbh, loved my scar l and my buddies g36 is awesome (despite being a g36 lol)
  7. If you decide not to keep the Firehawk sound hog let me know bud, I'll buy it lol
  8. I'm in Ipswich itself bud, so yeah Stuart's close haha (manningtree).
  9. I pop down to see Stuart at Airshooters personally bud as its only 20 minute drive. Yeah once I've got some cash together I'll be going to see him and holding some toys haha
  10. I won't be at any sites for a little while due to no guns haha, plus I don't like renting (just a bit annoying at certain sites). I'm not looking to spend masses purely as I won't get much use out of it (max of once a month but normally once every few months)
  11. Hey all So after deciding to move house back in November, I had to sell my airsoft guns off to give me a little bit more money to play with. The house move fell through (landlord didn't want anyone with kids...in a 3 bed house...) I was gutted as not only did I not have a new home but I'd sold off my stuff. We eventually moved 2 weeks before Xmas and now we're settled I'm back in the market for airsoft stuff 😆 I don't want to do what I've done previously and spend a small fortune as I don't get to go often thanks to work commitments so I've been looking at the G&G Firehawk,
  12. It's just a clip on rail mate, was a spare a good retailer gave me
  13. Well I thought I'd better have a little play with my G3A3. Installed the upgrades I mentioned in the what have I bought thread. I quite like it lol. Not fitted the scope mount or scope yet Next step is spraying it in various green tones to give a slight woodland camo look This one shows off just how far the barrel goes haha And this one compares the old barrel (top) and the new one
  14. 650mm tomtac 6.02mm tightbore, Guarder H Nub, Guarder M120 spring and Guarder 70 degree hop rubber All for my G3, already locked to semi, scopes been fitted, suppressors on...roll on the bits turning up lol
  15. I've got a CA G3A3, bloody great base for a dmr type weapon, lovely long barrel (495mm standard) which I'll be changing for a 6.03mm 530mm tightbore (got a suppressor on mine) for a little added power and accuracy. I'll also be changing the hop for a guarder/lonex one and adding an H nub to it. Out the box they aren't bad at all, mines locked to semi so don't have any issues with the full auto accuracy (reportedly not fantastic). The only issue with it is the length actually lol, it's massive (could be that I'm used to m4s/ak74us though)
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