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  1. Hi guys and gals. Looked everywhere on Google but couldn't find the part am after. It's for my G&G M4 TR4-R CQB A part has worn on my blow back and would like to fit a new one due to it now longer working. Much appreciated for the help if any
  2. Gone with your choice Russ and now waiting
  3. I am yes and Wakefield/Pontefract area west Yorkshire
  4. Yeah I just missed him selling that rifle by 45 minutes, was well gutted
  5. Yeah I have UKARA and attend games, am just impatient and I will have a look at ordering from Poland if the turn around is that quick, got a match on 13th at FMA and was keen to get one and use it for then
  6. Yeah wolf armouries says there in stock but had to cancel my order due to no stock as they emailed me
  7. So TM VSR-10 G-SPEC is nails to get hold of without waiting a long time. What would the next best thing be?
  8. Gone and ordered a NS 3-9x50 am sure it will be a great scope from your own reviews of it, just the mod to worry about now
  9. Well the camera itself will be on top of the scope then video edit the scope aperture markings on. as seen on link below
  10. Just ordered a TM VSR-10 G-Spec and looking for scopes now, anyone got any recommendations, also i am keen to do the scope camera modification so the scope would have to be able to support the camera, just need to find out whats best way to do it any help is much appreciated and once i have it i will post a few pics
  11. Happy days, so long as it's on the address side up, should be ok, thanks for that, am happy to spend money on a snipe as I'll buy it all but drawn to the TM VSR-10 and Bar-10 £100 cheaper is the bar which means an extra £100 for mods, am drawn to TM more for reliability and good build quality
  12. Many thanks to all for the comment, there's a mix ratio of likes and dislike for both so am 50/50 again. What are the legal rights to importing an airsoft rifle from Poland or another foreign country, am sure someone will get alittle hard on when they see a rifle get put through a scanner.
  13. Some parts are Raven PDI, is this a good internal make Also thank you for the list, much cheaper price to what it was ~430 FPS] -Laylax PSS10 130 Spring - £17 -Laylax Prometheus 6.03 mm Tightbore (430 mm for Pro and Real Shock versions) - £44.95 Suggested Items: -Deepfire Reinforced VSR-10 Sears - £17.66 All that will just put it under the FPS that i need so a total of - £79.61 which is alot better than £246 of upgrades
  14. Decided to go with a JG Bar-10 buying the upgrades first then the rifle and here they are: * Action Army VSR10 Hop Up Chamber Marui VSR10 / G-Spec, JG BAR10, HFC VSR11 Made in Taiwan * Action Army Specialized "Zero" Airsoft Trigger Set for Marui VSR10 / JG Bar10 * Action Army VSR-10 Hop Up Bucking * Action Army Spring Guide Fit with Tokyo Marui VSR10 / G-Spec, JG BAR10, HFC VSR11 Made in Taiwan * Action Army 6.01mm Excel Inner Barrel for VSR-10 (430mm) PDI VSR 260 Spring for VSR-10 (11mm/8mm) All upgrades will cost me £246 then the rifle at no more than £130 Total at £376 is this a reasonable price to say it will fire bang on whilst packing a punch
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