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  1. Cheers Baz. Went for the T81's in the end as the accessories made it decent value and also available in a less bright green colour. Just had them delivered so not had a chance too use them yet. I'm sure they'll do the job nicely so thanks for your replies.
  2. Cheers Baz. I'm currently looking at the Motorola TLKR T80 and T81's. These seem to be PMR446 and I think might be suitable for what we need. The T80's look like they're half the price of the T81. Does anyone have any experience of either or both?
  3. I'm looking for a little help guys and girls .... I'm looking to purchase comms equipment for myself and 2 sons for Airsoft and wondered what you would recommend. Looking for radios, PTT, headsets (preferably ones that can mount to fast helmet) and any other recommended add ons. Not wanting to spend a fortune but happy to pay a little extra if theres a benefit. Cheers in advance.
  4. Theres No Limits in Gateshead which is an indoor CQB style game. Not been yet but looks top draw.
  5. Your best bet is probably head to Rifleworks. www.facebook.com/rifleworksairsoft It's still a 60 mile drive so maybe there are more nearer you north. I'd also probably cancel as I'm not sure they'll two tone for you in the US. Prob better getting it done in UK from a UK retailer.
  6. Hi Lewis and welcome. I'm from the North East and theres a few sites to choose from so let me know where you're based and I'll try and point you in the right direction. Its hard to tell from your post above but have your guns been ordered from Evike to be shipped to the UK? I'm assuming you don't have a UKARA number linked to your order so you may be in for some problems. If its not too late you may want to cancel the order and get someone over 18 to purchase a two tone gun from a UK retailer for you. Hope all ends up well for you though and welcome to Airsoft.
  7. Starting a blog, Facebook and twitter page to discuss starting out in Airsoft. Would love to know your thoughts/comments

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    2. Baxter


      I intend to. I'm just used to having blogs etc from previous hobbies so its just somewhere to keep all my photos, bits of new and reviews etc. Its not for everyone but just something I'm familiar with.

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Ian's guide covers most stuff about getting started plus ultra large bold print avoid sites with BB in their names. Finish off with a sprinkling of common sense and a hint of Don't be a Dick. Perfect results everytime

    4. Baxter


      I'm thinking more along the lines of my personal experience in getting started rather than a general how to but I have to say I did read over that a few times before my first game and will continue to use the tips too.

  8. I guess I'm a little different to the majority here in that I have a Mon-Fri job and that leaves my weekends free. I have 12 year old twin sons who come and stay with me every other weekend and Airsoft gives me a hobby that I can engage in with my 2 boys where previously if it didn't involve Xbox we had nothing to talk about. It means we can look forward to going somewhere together and gives me stuff to buy them for birthdays/Christmas etc. It also means that on the weekend they're not with me I can also go and Airsoft. My wife is really into running and she'll happily go out and run while I'm out playing soldiers. I realise I'm in a really fortunate position in that not everyone can go as often as I can so I intend to make the most of it!
  9. Love to know more about No Limits too. Gateshead on a Sunday afternoon suits me too.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome. I know there's a few sites in the area but would be good to get your opinions on what one does better than the other? Is it mainly location to your homes or do you prefer the site you play at for any particular reason?
  11. Morning all! Brand new to airsoft having been enticed in by my twin sons who were begging me to take them. 2 sessions in and I'm hooked! Bought myself some decent boots and some MTP clothing to get started but just hiring guns for a while until I can find out what loadout I really want. I'm based in Tynemouth but have joined up at NTAC in Shildon as really like the site and the folks there seem a good bunch. Happy to hear from others in the region as I'll be asking a million questions about kit over the coming months. Definitely interested in having a tour around the Airsoft sites of the UK too once I'm kitted out. Next purchase is safety gear so interested to know peoples thoughts on mesh goggles vs full plastic goggles. Does the fogging issue out weigh the chances of bb's shattering on impact?
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