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    TM HK416D, TM M4 Sopmod, TM SGR-12, TM Mk23 Socom, Armorer Works M712 DL-44
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    British DPM 'Cold War warrior', Grey urban kit
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    UCAP Bunker, The Mall. Also played at: UCAP GreenOps, UCAP Sandpit, Longmoor, Tuddenham, Copthorne
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  1. Happy New Year. Lets hope that 2018 offers more skirmishes, guns and fun. 

    1. PT247


      hopefully run into you again somewhere too mate, if you able to get to Battle Lakes giz a shout and I'll see if I can get there! :-)

    2. Jedi_Master


      Yes, that would be good.  Will have to be when it gets warm again, I am a fair weather airsofter :) 

    3. PT247


      I play all year, but am better at being social when I am not cold! :D

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