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    TM HK416D, TM M4 Sopmod, TM SGR-12, TM Mk23 Socom, Armorer Works M712 DL-44
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    British DPM 'Cold War warrior', Grey urban kit
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    UCAP Bunker, The Mall. Also played at: UCAP GreenOps, UCAP Sandpit, Longmoor, Tuddenham, Copthorne
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  1. What is your loadout/Where did you get it?


    Ive been looking for Grey stuff but cant find much I like

    1. Jedi_Master


      Arc'teryx LEAF Dracs trousers and Assault balaclava in Wolf grey  (from Edgarbrothers.com);

      5.11 Tactical Rapid Assault shirt in Storm grey (from Nightgearstore.com);

      Mechanix M-Pact gloves in Wolf grey (Military first);

      Fast helmet sprayed grey, rigger belt in black, Dye I4 mask.

      Also have Arc'teryx LEAF Naga hoody (Wolf) and 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pant (Storm)

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