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  1. UCAP Bunker on Wed 28 Oct - time to see how many sneeky hits I get with the TM Mk23

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    2. Esoterick


      Those TM MK23s are pretty tidy. Got shot at close range by one on Sunday and barely heard more than a tapping sound.

    3. Jedi_Master


      Yes, they are so quiet. Advantage of non blowback and a quality suppressor. I have always been impressed when shot by one as I have never heard the shots just felt the hits. One of the reasons why I wanted to get one over the great looking TM HK45

    4. Esoterick


      I think the interesting thing is a lot of players don't seem to pay attention to where sounds are coming from. However when they are the MK23 changes it from "he's on the right round the next corner" to "I think someone fired somewhere ahead of us"

      Most of the time though when I use my pistol it's more about that speed of moving it over the noise it makes. Although quiet guns are definitely good if you know or a site or are just generally a sneaky bugger.