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  1. Don’t use ruoskygear store on aliexpress. Ordered a fma exfil lite foliage green helmet last Monday. 4 days ago (2 before the cancellation deadline) they asked if I would accept dark earth instead which was ok. Yesterday morning it was marked as despatched. A few hours before automatic cancellation. Today they message to say they don’t have DE would black be ok. Well clearly it hasn’t been despatched and they are lying. 

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    2. ghostwalker


      Can’t cancel the order as they have declared it as shipped. Also can’t open a disputed until 10 days after it’s marked as shipped. 

    3. Lozart


      Gutted for you mate. That's the one time that AliExpress is an issue, when it goes wrong!

      Just FYI, the FMA Unity Tactical style helmet adaptors won't work on an Exfil helmet. I had to blag the adaptor from Unity Tactical themselves which cost an arm and a leg for two little bits of metal!

    4. ghostwalker


      They the adapters for things like sordins and contacts headsets? If so I’m ok as I run a throat mic with security style ear piece. 

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