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  1. Really ? Oooooo sexxxyyyy !
  2. Ok so I defo want to go down the hpa route with my m4 , does anyone know if there's anything that I should take note of when installed it into the body ? Never done a m4 style p* drop in before , I'm thinking about doing the usual upgrades to the FE anyway like amped IGL, banjo red nozzle and possibly even rear hosing it yet I'm not sure about this .. Any help would be great I'll post somelictures below of how it sits boringly now as an aeg lol .
  3. the only other option i can think of is if the VFC scar gearbox sits the same way into the lower section of the scar as the G&G one i could source a second hand VFC gear box and drop it in ...
  4. Do you think I'll come across any issues with a jack drop in instal iv spoken to them about the nozzle and they have said that if the m4 one does not fit they will custom make me one which is good
  5. Right guys I'm going to be doing a hpa polar star jack install into a scar soon ( assuming that most the version2 gearboxs are relatively the same across the makes but it will most likely be on a G&G scar L ) just wanted to know any differences in the two gearboxes and external gearbox parts things like trigger unit , selector plate etc , they whole gear box is going to be stripped out anyway apart from trigger unit safety , Spring guide and that's about it off the top of my head ...
  6. dam it ... maybe ill just have to settle for a non recoil system then thanks for the reply
  7. Good evening guys ! hope this is in the right section as this falls into all of them really , I'm looking at getting a scar l always wanted one and it will go nicely with my load out this year , now iv seen a lot of hype over these SMP drop in kits to convert AEG's to hpa set up this interests me a lot however when then going to hpa id like the blowback , recoil , cock back , release etc etc the only one off the top of my head i can think of is the TM scar - L which has a unique blowback system as far as i know its something to do with a weight on top of the gear box my question is would this still work with a SMP kit installed ? can't seem to find any detailed videos or threads on how that system works on the TM. TIA
  8. heres a link ...https://www.revisionmilitary.com/store/desert-locust/desert-locust-fan-goggle-essential-kit.html.... there are plenty of others out there too ess , i think fma have just released a kit the fan defo helps what i liked about the revision ones is the fan is super quite , managed to sneak up on people and get a few knife kills however i may have to sort something out with the go pro and the fan I'm not sure if its going to pick it up or not usually not unless theres some sort of vibration but I'm yet to run then with my tac helmet which ill be fully customising to fit with the helmet as there a bit iffy as to where the battery unit is placed
  9. Guys ! , sorry i haven't been responding iv been all over the place with stuff but yes they are the Revision Desert Locusts goggles with the thermal lens i have noticed its getting quite scratched up easy so i might change my method of cleaning it i also run fogtech wipes and liquid solution with it too admittedly iv had to have the fan on full but then i put out a lot of body heat and sweat i know where a head band and balaclava to try and keep these levels down and disperse the heat and has helped a lot !
  10. right guys a little update .. revisions ... hands down the best iv ever tried ... i run them with the dual thermal lens and some anti fog liquid too which I'm trying out seems to be working really good there super quite enough so that iv managed to sneak up on people and i even factor out hearing the fan now ill be running the go pro on my fast helmet soon so see how that deals with the noise. could not recommend them enough !
  11. Ok so I'm just starting doing my helmet set up , got a few questions firstly it's an FMA maritime model. Just arrived today the nvg mount is ever so slightly lose might just be me but I am ocd like that but can't see anyway of tighting it up apart for the top one which is like countersunk from the inside can't see acces to the other two ... Also iv got a fma helmet cover which seems slightly baggy at the sides where the rails flatten out at the top any ideas I might just Velcro the middle part down hoping it might help. I'll pop some pictures up tomorrow if it helps
  12. I think they do prescription lens inserts rx inserts I think there called and the fans iv Hurd are quiter than the ESS fans but there is another make which are even quiter but I can't remember the make now but they don't accommodate for there own makes thermal lens
  13. Iv bitten the bullet and gone for a set of revision desert fan goggles with thermal lens
  14. Iv just specked up a set with the thermal lens wipes , and cleaner 168£ delivered.
  15. Wait sorry done some searching your advise has really helped iv just watched this video which I think include the thermal lens you were talking about ,
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