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  1. Hi all Im pretted new to airsoft just got my defence thought. I'm playing a CQB stotgun gun game at the weekend and I'm getting a EE M58A pump action for it. Just wanted to now what weight BBs you would recommend? Thanks in advance. Pat
  2. Thanks Sp00n and TheGrover for your feed back.
  3. Hello I'm about to order my first airsoft gun. Was going to go for the British army look. Im thinging about getting a Army l85A2 AEG Electric Blowback. Was wondering what you all thort of it or had any experience with one?
  4. Thanks I was a bit worried
  5. Hello new to the forum. I'm from Hull East Yorkshire. Hopefully going to my first skirmish in a few weeks
  6. How did your first skirmish go Dan have fun?
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