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  1. Legally you don't need UKARA at all, but let's take a closer look at this United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association UKARA is by retailers, for retailers. it is recognised by the law makers as a good practice in order to prove due diligence prior to making a sale. It is NOT law. Think of it as the Police ANPR system. Years ago ago if a Police officer was suspicious about the legality of your car they would pull you over and you had provide sufficient proof that you were legally entitled to be driving that car. ownership / permission of owner tax insurance mot if the officer was not satisfied that you were legit they would issue a "7 day wonder" or a producer. That gave you one week to go to a police station of your choosing and produce your documents to the satisfaction of the duty desk officer. Nowadays their camera flashes your number plate and they know if they need to tug you over or not. Transferring that to Airsoft and UKARA - production of a UKARA registered site membership merely proves you have been pre-approved. Somebody else has done the leg work in verifying you are a bonafide player and selling to you is legal. The key point is that the seller needs to satisfied to the point of defending their actions in court if necessary that you are both over 18 and intend to use the gun for Airsoft purposes. The states that. UKARA goes above and beyond that as it shows commitment to self policing and it means no retailer should fall foul, thus bringing the industry into disrepute. Google VCRA 2006, section 37. Section 37 lists all legal defences applicable. Airsoft comes under "permitted activities" so actually is less robust than re-enacting. You will notice that at no point is UKARA mentioned.
  2. Most sites I know of with a CQB environment allow: Smoke in open - screening / cover / distraction Smoke in a room - toxic, 9 seconds to get out or be killed
  3. Smokes use a solid fuel that burns. Once it's burnt it's gone, much like your car running out of fuel. They also burn hot, so having it reusable would be a risk to burning your own hands. At the absolute best, you may get a double use grenade (not saying they exist as I'm certain they don't, but it could be feasible to make if not completely daft and pointless). The tube could have a petition in it so you have a smaller fuel cell and means of igniting at both ends - but again, seems pretty pointless to me.
  4. Do you know the fastest way to become a millionaire in the Airsoft industry? Start off as a billionaire!
  5. Avoid hobby type business' such as airsoft! When the belt needs tightening or the fat needs trimming, hobbies are one of the first cuts to be made. Invest in something that will never dwindle. Gold is always a sure thing but essential services is another. Like above, property! Get to auctions and get repo houses. Massive profit margins. Don't worry about bad clients...... Typically rent is higher than mortgage which leaves enough cash to pay for somebody to worry on your behalf. If you know a builder / contractor have a serious word with them. Get the. To come to auctions and look at properties with you. Trust their instinct and trade experience.
  6. Seconded. I have used him in the past and dealt with him face to face at the Airsoft Showcase held at Strikeforce CQB last year. A top bloke more than happy to spend the time with his customers.
  7. If you are upgrading then the JG is a sold I'd option as you seem to already have a bunch of parts for it. The mags are small, lightweight and fit into pistol mag pouches so can be carried in the minimal of it. I really like the look of the ARES striker and the 45 round mag is a bonus. Short pull, AEG springs, VSR compatible in other areas. It's a relative new comer and I've not had any first hand experience with one but a buddy of mine really likes his. I. Not a fan of SVD springers. I have short arms. The long stock coupled with the bolt handle being quite a ways forward makes it awkward for me. They aren't so bad in a shoot and scoot style of game but if you have crawled into a concealed position it can be more troublesome on obvious when you re-cock the thing. I have an M40a5 and really like the ergonomics of it. No idea on the performance of the APS one but it will be really comfortable to hold and shoot. I know nothing about the Cyma so cannot offer any constructive opinions on that I'm afraid.
  8. I'm not out to bash UKARA, but knowing it's history from inception to current day I can safely say I'm not impressed with how they conducted business. UKARA is recognized but not as a legal entity. It is recognized as good practice. In terms of legal representation it is no more recognized than any other means of checking. It is simply the house hold name that people believe to be the only method. Similarly, almost everybody in the U.K. Will "Hoover" their carpets when in actual fact they are vacuuming. Hoover was the most popular vacuum cleaner and became synonymous and a household name. But, back on topic - yes the op can paint his gun colour scheme he like.
  9. Jamie looks more nervous than the defendant 😂😂😂
  10. UKARA has no place in law. That is bullshit perpetuated by Frank at Firesupport (chair of UKARA and by the dribbling mutants at Zero One (the owners of the database) UKARA is a helpful tool for sure - BUT IT HAS NO LEGAL STANDING above any other form of reasonable checks. If I want to sell to you and I check you out online (forums / Facebook, etc and I get a feel for you being legit, that has as much legal standing as a UKARA check.
  11. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, having run a shop and a site and having lobbied the government when all this was proposed prior to it coming into force and living through the change, I can assure you my information is correct. My very Liberty depended on me knowing this to prevent jail time. I am not disagreeing with Spoon (entirely). His post a #2 if factually correct. I am merely disagreeing with what he considers to be a defence. Retailers (and private sales for that matter) need to show due diligence. They need to be satisfied the buyer is over 18 and the purchase is INTENEDED for use as per one of the legal defences. A few years ago at the NAE Zero One sold a RIF to anybody attending the weekender who was over 18. They felt they could reasonably argue in court that buying a RIF at the UKs largest event was proof enough they wanted a RIF for airsofting purposes and that here in lies the crux of it. The seller needs to be satisfied that if called in to court to face the beach they can prove they believed the purchaser was over 18 and wanted the RIF for purposes allowed by a defence. There are many shops today who help propagate the myth that UKARA is law and refuse to sell without a membership. Some do this because even 10 years since the introduction of the laws they are ignorant to it and others because it is protection for them. They can prove they checked the database.
  12. No it's not.
  13. Look at post #4 I answered the OPs original question which then spurred into the rest of this thread.
  14. I can prove to you I am an airsofter without the use of UKARA. Photos of me in game. The Facebook groups I am active in. People willing to vouch for me. The industry movers and shakers I know. The difference is, if I wish to buy from somebody who doesn't know me they need to be happy I am an airsofter. Usually a quick chat on the phone will prove I am in the know. The sort of knowledge and slang that you can't really fake. UKARA is useful for distant and new sales but it is by no means a legal requirement or authority. The VCRA sections 36 - 41 are laws that govern purchase and manufacture (the two main main things we deal with) and UKARA is not mentioned. The laws have been in effect for 10 years now - I am baffled as to why there is still so much uncertainty to them.
  15. Technically whoever sold it to you could be in trouble UNLESS: 1. You are over 18 AND 2. They are convinced in their own mind that you are genuine and wish to use it for Airsoft (or one of the other defences above) Two tone need never exist. UKARA need never exist. If UKARA disappeared over night it would only impact internet sales and delay telephone sales. Two tone are for those unable or too impatient to prove to the satisfaction of the retailer that they are 18+ and which to play Airsoft.