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  1. Will you be posting these up on your website?
  2. I'm also interested so see what thoughts are on this, scrolled past it when browsing on TG before and hadn't realised it was GBB, just thought another cheap AEG. But cheaper GBBs do exist and all I've ever seen is that they will have quite a lot of problems. I'd like to know how the mags hold up as well, you even get two? if they are gonna leak then it's not so great though and I don't know about availability of replacements.
  3. I think they are worth it for the price, but only ever used mine indoors, so can't comment on what they are like at a distance, it's been a few year since I used my Double Eagle. That said I'm still thinking of getting a new one as it is always handy to not have to worry about having your battery die or gas / hpa run out and to have one as a back up. I bought the CM 351 for a mate a few month back and considering a 352 or 355 myself. I'd be interested to handle them to get an idea of the difference between metal and polymer variant that warrants the extra money though.
  4. Thank you man I have messaged them and hopefully they can give me some advice soon.
  5. Hi again all, I don't want to be that guy...but it seems I really have lost the bag of spares included with the Tippmann M4 and subsequently the 3-4 components in it needed to convert from CO2 to HPA. I moved last month and might have missed them, but I am certain they were left in one place and, of course, when I come to dig them out (since I've ordered an Amped Airsoft High Pressure Line - total order coming in at £90+ import duty and fees and everything being > £25 alone) they're not there, I've checked the box multiple times, and my gun bag and pistol sleeve and all the other boxes I can think I might have moved them to. there anywhere I can get the right parts? Noted that Tippmann's own 'Deluxe' parts kit includes the necessary locking tab piece but not the essential adaptor part itself. The threaded end piece I can see is mentioned, is less important, as I actually have a Ninja PTC fitting included with my air line, which is a replacement for the standard slide-check part. I guess my only other option, if no alternative source(s), is to contact Tippmann themselves directly? I have heard appraisals of how good they are, supposedly being very helpful with this exact situation; providing spare parts. Pretty f*cked if they don't though. Hope someone can help and thanks in advance as well. Thanks in advance, J
  6. Now I have an air tank but no gun
  7. Placed an order with them Sunday, now Thurs PM and heard nothing back to them after enquiring about my order both by email and on FB. If you look at their page it's all bad reviews recently. Beginning to worry they have actually just taking my money and I'm never going to see it again. Very bad service which is just sad considering how well rated it seems these guys used to be. They don't even reply to you with some bullshit excuse and just appear to just be straight up ignoring everyone, which is the most annoying thing. I did not pay with PayPal specifically because I thought they were supposed to be reputable and there was no risk. Guess not. I've learnt my lesson there... To add insult to injury...Patrol Base get more stock literally like the day after (where I was gonna get one, but had to renew UKARA etc which took me the one extra week then the very day I go to buy it last one's been reserved, at which point I went outside and ordered from Beesting cos I thought I'll get it by Tuesday, look where that's got me )
  8. changing my question from 'are Beesting airsoft any good' to how can I get my money back (I trusted debit card would be fine) I always thought they were supposed to be pretty good but nothing but bad reviews recently and I'm f*cking worried now Apparently they will not do sh*t until you raise a serious enough formal complaint I.e. PayPal dispute which I can't do
  9. 2 x Tippmann CO2 Magazine + IMI Low Ride Adapter for £10 from UK Tactical (I had no idea they sold them and would've been twice that on eBay) Patrol Base tomorrow to get a Tippmann
  10. Hey all, First off, would anyone be willing and able to weigh their stock Tippy bolt for me? Should be getting a Tippmann this weekend and I've seen a listing for heavy bolts on eBay for £14 each. Apparently they are CNC'd steel, weighing between 270-330g. Is it just me or does that variance between them seem quite high (like could be as much 20%) I would like to know the actual difference this has over the one out of the box, and whether it could actually have a tangible effect. Also pretty crucially, what's the driving factor behind the price of the Incentive Designs one being £79 if this guy can sell them at £14 - cos I'd rather get the latter than shell out for one 5x the price. Interested to get anyone's thoughts.
  11. Awesome, cheers mate! Actually, I think I saw your post in quick q&a about the same one and I was thinking about it. Exactly what I was looking for so thanks very much think I will pick one up shortly.
  12. Hey everyone, Can anybody suggest any sights to me that will withstand the recoil of a Tippmann M4, budget being ~ £60 I'd say, preferably cheaper if possible though. Apologies if this's been asked before, which I think it has, but cannot find the old thread. Looking for a capable T1 or Aimpoint Comp M2 style red dot in this kind of price range but not sure my budget will allow it. Also looked at the 2.5-10x type scopes, there's one on AliExpress for £36 but I'm suscipious it would not hold up to much use. Thanks
  13. Anyone still interested in buying working / unworking Palcos? (those Firepower Raider pistols) If so I still have a couple for parts (mags broke) that never went anywhere. 

  14. Anyone used them? I've never heard of them but they have Tippmann CO2 Magazines in stock at £19.
  15. Liking the Kryptek Typhon, looks better than I thought it would. Is the M4 a G&G or something like a PTS RM4?