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  1. I like the ICS CXP .08 nice little gun.
  2. very nice, let me guess, a AGM/AMG (which ever way round it is) MP44
  3. I got some MTP is your interested Trousers, Shirt, Ubacs
  4. get down the gym and build ya legs up!
  5. best thing to do is find us a picture of what you are on about, then we can tell you what it is
  6. Personally, Im going for a Smoke green chest rig as it does with everything from Multicam to DPM. My chest rig is Smoke Green with a mixture of pouches, mainly multicam, green and tan. Your best bet is to find a picture of a Army guy you like, such as a Pathfinder or UKSF and base your loadout off them.
  7. The G&P PEQ is awesome, it is very bright and the laser is great. I think it comes with either a push button or pressure pad. As for the glock I would have to say its got to be a M3 either a clone or real. They are great and you can even use them for your M16
  8. Well personally, PEQ box's give you both a light and laser from one box, but the only issue is its rail mounted. the G&P which isn't cheap but very good!
  9. Tbh, for that price I would be very surprised if it lasted more then 2months let alone a year! But that is the style of PC im looking at getting. altho Im getting a Smoke green one Im changing me loadout to a UKSF one which is ive been doing research on and found that the Ukairsoftzone has some of the best guides etc out there and the people on it are really friendly!
  10. just a small list, but very expensive Ok so some of this stuff I have some I don't, so this is a kit list Im hoping to get together by May next year: To buy: -Crye G3 Multicam trousers -Crye G3 Multicam ubacs -Paraclete SOHPC or HPC RG/OD -Molle pouches etc. -PTT radio -Nacre quite pro -Sordins Bought: -Systema M4A1 MaxII PTW -TM Glock 17c -Blackhawk serpa holster -Oakley SI assault gloves -Lowa Desert boots
  11. Well I picked up this little old thing yesterday. sexy!
  12. You mean wasn't? Lol.
  13. Ive been to asda and mcy D's in my dpm and got forces discount! Lol today I bought 2pints of semI skimmed milk eggs, bacon, suassages, bread, hash browns and mushrooms =) oh and black pudding!
  14. Well to be fair, this was a far ways into the day and I had already had it with two tone Hugh cap HEROS, and shooting me twice (back of head and neck) pretty close just tipped me over that edge. GOod thing for him my piston had only 10 shoots in it. He did say sorry at the end of the day and stuck with me the next weekend to learn which was pretty cool.
  15. I have loads of stories, mainly due to the fact my local holds birthday parties etc on the same day as regular players come to have a game. Anyways I love the cod noobs that somehow get hold of a sniper rifle and start running and jumping around! I was on a patrol ( milsim ) and walked right into this kid as he tried to shoot me he jumped completely missed and then started having a go at me as I shot him with a double tap... Needless to say I just laughed as he shoot me twice, so I emptied my piston into his chest =)