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  1. Make: Motorola Item: Xtn466 Condition: perfect Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: none Price/Payment: £40 Bank transfer only Pictures: Includes two PTT’s one Nexus other CT5 replica.
  2. Make: TM Gun/Model: Glock 22 Accessories: 2 mags Condition: perfect FPS: 250 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: none Price/Payment: £100 Pictures:
  3. Make: various Item: various Condition: various Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: none Price/Payment: see each time Pictures: will try to upload from my phone... Hey guys please read, I don’t not take paypal only bank transfer. If you buy anything that totals up to over £30 postage will be free postage within the UK. Crye 330D pouches: £525 for the lot Pistolx3 £60 each Flash bangx2 £60 each Hydration £150 Utility 4x4 £80 Smokex2 £80 each Dump pouch roll up £30 Tyr Tac pouches: IFAC - sold Utility 4x4 £35 Utility 2x6 £35 Mp7/5 mag pouch (hold4) £45 Misc: Ten speed M4 double £20 HSGI flash bang double £10 Unknown dump pouch £10 C2r double M4 pouches £35 each OD Blackhawk: £100 the lot 3l hydro £30 Utility 3x6 £25 Utility 3x4 £20 M4 pouch x4 £10 each MBITAR £15 Double pistol pouch £20 Safariland glock holster 6354DO for G17/22 MC £150 Surefire scout with KM IR head £175 Surefire X300 pistol light £90 Surefire HL1-A-TN £75 Eotech EXPS3-2 IR £450 Crye Multicam uksf custom pants 34r £165 Crye Multicam uksf custom too Mr £120 Crye Multicam gen3 pants with gen3 pads £150 Crye Multicam AC top Medium R with gen3 pads £115 Crye Multicam bonnie hat £65 S&s precision surefire scoutlight mount £75 Arc’teryx wolf grey jacket medium £150 Genuine uksf CT5 Mic PTT and ear piece £350 Genuine uksf Doctor sight for ACOG £100 Princeton tech helmet light £30 Brand new Tango down Vertical grip long £55 Brand new Tango down vertical grip short £35 Troy front and rear flip up sights £75 LBT Multicam 2 point sling £15 MSA Mich2000 £100 Mayflower chest recon chest rig £75 Oakley M frames 3.0 dark, clear and amber lenses £80
  4. I like the ICS CXP .08 nice little gun.
  5. very nice, let me guess, a AGM/AMG (which ever way round it is) MP44
  6. I got some MTP is your interested Trousers, Shirt, Ubacs
  7. get down the gym and build ya legs up!
  8. best thing to do is find us a picture of what you are on about, then we can tell you what it is
  9. Personally, Im going for a Smoke green chest rig as it does with everything from Multicam to DPM. My chest rig is Smoke Green with a mixture of pouches, mainly multicam, green and tan. Your best bet is to find a picture of a Army guy you like, such as a Pathfinder or UKSF and base your loadout off them.
  10. The G&P PEQ is awesome, it is very bright and the laser is great. I think it comes with either a push button or pressure pad. As for the glock I would have to say its got to be a M3 either a clone or real. They are great and you can even use them for your M16
  11. Well personally, PEQ box's give you both a light and laser from one box, but the only issue is its rail mounted. the G&P which isn't cheap but very good!
  12. Tbh, for that price I would be very surprised if it lasted more then 2months let alone a year! But that is the style of PC im looking at getting. altho Im getting a Smoke green one Im changing me loadout to a UKSF one which is ive been doing research on and found that the Ukairsoftzone has some of the best guides etc out there and the people on it are really friendly!
  13. just a small list, but very expensive Ok so some of this stuff I have some I don't, so this is a kit list Im hoping to get together by May next year: To buy: -Crye G3 Multicam trousers -Crye G3 Multicam ubacs -Paraclete SOHPC or HPC RG/OD -Molle pouches etc. -PTT radio -Nacre quite pro -Sordins Bought: -Systema M4A1 MaxII PTW -TM Glock 17c -Blackhawk serpa holster -Oakley SI assault gloves -Lowa Desert boots
  14. Well I picked up this little old thing yesterday. sexy!
  15. You mean wasn't? Lol.