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  1. website is now up for extreme power pc

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    2. Tariq


      also @kiwi A nice swanky website that would get you hundreds of customers is a bit pointless for this kind of service. Im guessing its just Josh doing this. It would usually take a whole day to build maybe 2 PCs from scratch, and to test it properly. This kind of business would work well as a small grass roots side business (not main income) until you really make a name for yourself.

    3. joshcowin


      yeah its just me with some funding from intel,my turnaround time for a non watercooled pc is 4-5 hours with watercooling 5-7 hours depending on how many components are watercooled

    4. joshcowin


      it will probably be only me as im very strict on quality nearly as bad as ocd