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    WE L85A2
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    Contemporary British Army,
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    Airsoft, Gaming, Heavy metal, guns in general. Also, anything that gets you thinking - Love QI, comedians like Tim Minchin, Bill Bailey, sitcoms like Black Books, Coupling, Spaced.
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  1. Feeling really fed up recently. Wish Uni would take a hike, really can't be arsed. Being single sucks too. I feel a new gun purchase coming on.

    1. Grounded_Pilot


      Drown your sorrows in guns. :D I have none of the issues you have (A job, no debts, a girlfriend) and I still drown my sorrows that come from all of the above in rifle purchases!!

      What's on the buy list? :D

    2. Silent7Sniper7


      get a nice mini gun, its only £3,000 i think

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      An Ares AW .338, or the ASG one. Whichever I find in stock first.

      Waiting for stock is actually just another shitty thing to add to the list lol.