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    ICS L85A2 SA80 w/ G&G SUSAT
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  1. Hey guys selling my TM M14, cheap with loads of accessories, really need it gone

    1. Caliber


      How cheap and what kind of price? My mate's been looking for an M14.

    2. adam bussey

      adam bussey

      another gun sale?

  2. So finally getting back into airsoft, got an M14 on the way but need a sight for it, 4x magnification max & ideally max £30 atm, anyone know where or who?

    1. Zak Da Mack

      Zak Da Mack

      Looking at any sort of scope or a certain one?

    2. adam bussey

      adam bussey

      what happened to your l85?

    3. TeddyBhoy


      Ian is selling a scope

  3. Brought Nascar The Game Inside Line this morning, first thing I do was try & make my Monster Engery car again but the decal needed was removed D: its my goal to be the first to make it though.... somehow

  4. Anyone know anywhere I could put my SUSAT up for sale? Its up on here, UKAZ & the bay...

    1. adam bussey

      adam bussey

      why are you selling it?

    2. Silent7Sniper7


      getting a ACOG, getting my L85 to afghan spec

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      My mate's looking for one, he's Chippins on these forums. Send him a PM about it.

  5. Anyone know where I can get a FHSA80SA (Surefire flash hider) & are clone ACOG sights any good?

    1. Airsoft-Ed


      RSOV is the best place, make sure you buy one with the right threading, as all the L85s have it different just to annoy everyone.

      The ACOG clones I've used are all great, you want the TA31 derivatives for it to be an accurate L85 though, you can get the one I have that comes with the Doctor sight and the raiser for a touch over £120 shipped from Hong Kong.

    2. alwaysontheoffensive


      i have a clone acog, but it is not zoom, just a red dot, looks the part and gives me the optic i need :)

    3. Silent7Sniper7


      Just found both Ed, cheers. Are the crosshairs illuminated in any way though? @always the one Ed suggested is a 4x32 i believe

  6. I think everyone will agree with me saying that what makes airsoft such an amazing sport is the community. Yeah you get the odd tw*t now & then but you'll always find someone that can help, easily make new friends.

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    2. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      I was confused for a girl once...

      I was not even wearing a full mask or balaclava..

    3. CaptainDumbass
    4. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      Don't worry,I've got a few spots creeping in and I've cut my hair,no more confusions!

  7. ITS TOO HOT!!!!

    1. Tariq


      It only peaked at 21C here. Tis mild at most. Then again im from a country where its 27C at midnight :P

    2. joshcowin


      it was 29c here today,people moan when its cold asking for summer then when it comes the want winter because its too hot

    3. Silent7Sniper7


      autumn, nuff said

  8. Silent7Sniper7

    Gun picture thread

    Here she is... thoughts?
  9. Daniel Defence Rail Fitted, looks pretty F'ing cool...

    1. adam bussey

      adam bussey

      are you coming to the meeting?

  10. Made it my goal for next saturdays skirmish to say "It's a good day to die gentlemen" then run off into the enemy...

    1. adam bussey

      adam bussey

      have fun then

  11. Pictures of my gear & weapon next tuesday, some people have asked before.

    1. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      Ooh! I'm rather interested!

    2. Silent7Sniper7


      Dont be not as good as most people's, rifles an ICS L85 with a SUSAT & Daniel Defence Rail w/ grip

  12. I think an M14 is next on my list...

    1. adam bussey

      adam bussey

      a shotgun is on my list

  13. Will a 7.4v 1450MaH Lipo Battery Last a Full Day of Airsoft?

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    2. Silent7Sniper7


      Found a 2600MaH will be getting that

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      If this is for the L85's RIS, you won't fit anything more than 1450 into it, it's physically impossible.


      I've made 1450s last me entire weekends before, though I'm very much about conserving my ammo.


      It's not that much of a hassle to change the batteries once you get the hang of it, it can be done in less than 2 minutes fairly easily. If you use a sling it can complicate things though.

    4. Silent7Sniper7


      they couldn't make these damn things more complicated if they tried, i'll go with the 1450 then.

  14. Silent7Sniper7

    (Sorry to be this guy :() BF3 Recon loadout.

    Im also recon in BF3 & I like the idea, get some pictures when its done!
  15. Tax reclaim soon......... reallyyyyyyyy tempted to finally get the ashbury from ASG?????

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    2. M_P


      If you can afford it and not worry about any potential loss then id go for it, but just be aware that with upgrades to make it worth using, a decent scope and bipod (its very heavy, I'd almost class this as a necessity) and spare mags, it will be over a grand.


      As for part compatibility, you'll probably have to go for full vfc. Pdi cylinders won't fit, neither will the v trigger. Not sure about laylax however, if you're going for this I'd go straight past aspuk...

    3. Silent7Sniper7


      It actually already has a 90° zero trigger fitted & the gun with a decent scope, bipod, silencer & mag is just under £700, not sure what the cylinder etc is like but it has 350fps out the box so thats perfect for one of my sites. Because it will have a silencer my plan is to get an even longer inner barrel & new hopup etc

    4. M_P


      Yes but the trigger isn't strong enough for high fps' still unfortunately.

      350fps in a sniper rifle is way too low, there's no point in using it if its so down on power. I wouldn't bother width a longer barrel, just use the same length but get a better quality barrel. The hop up is proprietary but takes a vsr rubber and barrel so you can't swap that out.

      To get it at a usable power it'll need a new cylinder and contents and the upgraded trigger set too