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  1. I played just with the Nuprol, so far. I'm trying to find a good option, cheaper but still good, even if my first option were the Blasters. On that site I found those ones and thr G&Gs
  2. I'm coming here to ask, instead creating a new topic (sorry for the intrusion lol). Any feedback on the Zeroone Blitz? Just found the website and I was wondering to try them.
  3. Yeah, the scope lens is perfect. No scratches or something else. I woukd go for uno already done, but I don't know how to understand the difference. Is just the price? I paid 5£ for that one, idea..
  4. Hello guys. Had my first game on Sunday and still I have so many things to learn (and to ask). I had a scope protector and it is now broken. Are those things so fragile or mine was too cheap? What would you suggest to do?
  5. Oh. So lucky ahah
  6. Ok then, to use the balanced mode. Got it! Next: I have no idea where I can change this...Where it should be? Into settings?
  7. Ok, that was easy to find. But I also saw different options, as Charge, Fast Charge, Balance (and discharge, which I would use, right?) Now, what's the difference between them?
  8. I'll try to find it! There's no manual in the box Thanks
  9. Ok. If i'm not using it for days/weeks, how much charge is good to leave ?
  10. Ok, now it works. But nother question: the battery is 11.1v, is normal that? (see the picture related)
  11. Yes. But if I do it is there any way to damage the battery?
  12. Oh, right....I saw just one side of the cables. Got it now....sorry I guess I have to open those connectors then. Or....Red must be + or -?
  13. Well, of course. They have different shape so you don't mix them up. round shape is the red, square shape is the black one
  14. Hello there. Just got my first gun and with that an Accucel S60 charger for my 11.1v LiPo Battery. So I connect it into the power line, connect also the red&black connectors (+ on +, - on - sides), I choose all the options for my battery (2.0A, 11.1v, 3S, LiPo) and so far all good. The problem starts when I try to plug the battery. It says "reverse polarity". So I tried to reverse the power cable but nothing. Any help? Thank you all.
  15. That's whey I asked it here before doing that. maybe there is a shooting field, or a place close to the river with no house here you can do it. or something else..