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  1. We'll se. I never played CQB
  2. lol Just remember I didnt play in the past 2 years ahah
  3. You definitely will!
  4. safe zone...perfect!!!
  5. from Canary Wharf is jubilee and metropolitan(?). google says bit more than 1h
  6. wait wait wait. I didn't find the cheap version that's interesting! and..without a car, I cannot go for the night games but the question is: where can I live my stuff? there are locker there? same question for the other sites
  7. I'll try to remember that ahahah
  8. Sure! More than happy to play with an existing team (and their car!).
  9. We can book it in advance lol
  10. Really? Me and my friend wanted to start at the Blitz sad news. That means we have to go to the bunker as first games But yes, let's keep in touch
  11. I'll make sure to have it, then And I'll go by train, no car or I should find someone to give me a ride ahah
  12. Well then. Keep helping me please ahah The battery I'm getting is this: What I found atm as charger are: more questions: what should I buy? do I need power supply for (few of) them? why? or from the website below which one would you suggest (without paying too much)? love you people <3
  13. I found this model, is this ok or should I buy an Skyrc's?
  14. Well..I'll wait the first week of Feb to buy it, so it's ok. I will come back to bother you ahah
  15. Here again. Hello! At the end I'll go for the Wild Hog 9", some problem with the shop for the ICS and some more s**t. Link: So, the point now are: - Battery? people suggest the 11.1v LiPo; any model in particular? (on the forum a guy suggested a g&g one but I cannot find it) - Charger? what made a charger good? what should I buy? - Magazines? I saw some of them could not fit well without using e-tape and I don't want to pay 30£ each, not now atm. Any good option (with or without using tape)? And last (but not last): any of you had the chance to try it? feedback? Thanks!