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  1. After a large clearout.. TM Devgru 4 recoil mags 2 lipos lipo convertor eotech magnifier money come money go
  2. Thanks buddy
  3. Anyone tried these on TM recoil mags ? I asked elsewhere and within 5 mins 2 people said yeah they are fine and another 2 so said no 😂😂
  4. Indeed! Sadly the gun is gone
  5. Well your credit card protect you on purchases of over £50 I had an instance before when I bought something on eBay and PayPal refused to refund me, I bought a ornament thing for my mum and it came in pieces... Cost £360 I went to my CC and they gave me the money back immediately and pursued the relevant parties Worth its weight in gold! As for your bank I'm not sure how easy that is as I've never tried
  6. I think With my google translate head activated... PayPal does not cover rif purchases as they class them as weapons which is against their T&C's Alas the conclusion Neither seller nor buyer is protected but your bank protects you so don't worry... One reason why I fund my PayPal from a credit card as yeah good luck taking on MasterCard
  7. Thanks I knew what I meant my wording did not 😂😂😂
  8. Hahahahahaha I laugh but you are probably 100% correct as that last screw comes out you get a facial of springs and gears
  9. Yep that's how I understand it ^^^ It has to be below 1.3j at point of sale without modification It's going to cause a few problems needless to say!
  10. Disgusting incomprehensible behaviour I hope he gets done I don't know what the punishments are but I pray they are fitting.
  11. They are one of my preferred places to shop now. 2 orders both perfect.
  12. I'm about to order some myself In the .25 and .28 variety more out of curiosity and the fact my brand that I currently use can be hard to get
  13. My up to date 6mm death machines
  14. I do hope karma is swift and strong on him
  15. Replied to your pm