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Just want to share a positive experience.


I just received an ASG (KJW) DP18 and 3 X ASG co2 magazines from airsoftworld.net 


When it all arrived, there were already CO2 bulbs in the mags, already pierced and still pressurized. The mags didn't look used at all.


Looks like Airsoft world check their mags for leaks before sending!


Thank you and well done!


Prior to that, I've just had a faff with a different retailer, sending back 4 out of 4 WE co2 magazines because they all leaked and being told "all magazines leak".


So, again, thanks Airsoft world. Good to see someone in Airsoft cares about quality control!



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I've always had really good service from Airsoft world.


I ordered a few bits that unfortunately due to my inexperience weren't compatable, they very thoughtfully called me before the parts got dispatched to check if I knew they woudnt work together! Can't say I have ever had that level of service for an online order before.

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Yup can’t disagree - Steve at ASW was super helpful when I bought my T10 from them - delivery was bang on too not forgetting the free packet of bacon fries in my T10 box :)

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