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Vest/Plate Carrier Identification (Far Cry again)

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Just looks like a generic plate carrier in DPM camo.


You can get these from most online stores ranging from about £50 all the way to like £400 depending on where you shop and what brands you're looking at :lol:


The pouches in the top picture on the left and the bottom picture are MOLLE attachments which are modular so most of the time you buy them as you wish and attach wherever tickles your fancy.


Alternatively, you can get a chest rig which has all the pouches on already, usually you can get these much cheaper in the first place and also considering also you don't have to buy the pouches as well, but obviously they're not customizable like a plate carrier is.

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funny those look very similar to my plate carrie



although i don't remember it being that pricey when i bought it :P



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Is the goal here dress up for Comic Con or skirmishing?  If you're actually playing airsoft and not cosplaying and you want a plate carrier, you need to just buy something practical like the Warrior Recon.  Infinitely better off doing so in every respect.


A lot of shit in games is either completely made up or it's based on the nastiest chinese junk that the designers and artists at the game studio (who know nothing about kit 90% of the time) found on the 1st page of some inane google search.  Half decent armour carriage in US Woodland is also pretty scarce to say the least.

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What is your budget?  If for CosPlay only then recomendations will be different that for Airsoft as practicality comes more into play.


I would have said the one in the middle looks like Coyote Brown, loads like that on Amazon, Ebay etc


This will show a variety of Coyote ones:



DPM is a bit tricker, as it has been largely replaced by MTP, and when DPM will lilitary standard Molle wasn't.




You could check taiwangun, they also have a few in DPM.






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