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  1. mcwimbo

    Glock 17/19

    19 mags are shorter. 17 mags will fit in a 19 but not vice versa. 19's are a compact model of the 17 but not to the point where they feel too small in a normal sized hand. Performance wise with a 17 and a 19 from the same manufacturer there will be no difference.
  2. mcwimbo

    Midlands servicing?

    I've never had an issue. I've even had while u wait services before now. I travel from Manchester to use them. That said, it's been over a year since i last used them.
  3. mcwimbo

    Midlands servicing?

    Jd airsoft in cannock
  4. mcwimbo

    Footwear for cqb.

    Seen with mine own eyes! I've not got the right biff chit though.
  5. mcwimbo

    Footwear for cqb.

    And soon to be found on the surplus market.
  6. mcwimbo

    Footwear for cqb.

    Most desert boots provide a good trade off between protection and weight.
  7. mcwimbo

    Talk me out of it? (New gun)

    I had a KTW shotgun years ago. It was plasticy and not too good performance wise. A&K all the way for me.
  8. mcwimbo

    Gun picture thread

    Your experience differs to mine...... You'd be surprised how little say they get in their gats and kit especially ppe. Uksf covers a broad spectrum of units, most of which get what they're given and that's that. Further to that very few care what they use, they're just tools. Yeah you get the odd gear queen and they tend to be photographed more than most, but most are straight up vanilla.
  9. mcwimbo

    Something to hold EG WP40 smokes

    Blue force gear tenspeed m4 magazine pouches would also work nicely.
  10. That's not dpm. It's US woodland.
  11. mcwimbo

    2002/3 Classic Army M15A4 Metal

    I've still got one going of a similar vintage, sat for 5 years not being touched at one point and still runs like a train. They were around £220 new and I'd happily pay £100+ for one now. It's far from a collectors piece, there were literally hundreds around, and I'll bet a fair few still in circulation. My advice, buy it and use it. Quick tart up should see you laughing.
  12. mcwimbo

    TM/Guarder FN 5-7


    • For sale
    • Used

    For sale a TM FN 5-7 Fitted with Guarder poly carb frame and slide and Guarder black controls getting rid of those horrid TM grey controls. Skirmished so comes with holstering marks on the slide, nothing hideous but this is used. Comes with IMI Roto mounting holster. It's a couple of years old but rarely left the holster during skirmishes. Real hard kicking pistol will be a great skirmish companion. Payment by bank transfer or cash on collection (Manchester area) Swaps considered so feel free to offer. £150 posted.


  13. Consistency of what? Shot placement, range, fps? In an airsoft gun all the above will inter-twine with each other. The thing most airsofters forget is that in reality, most airsofters can't actually shoot. For the small gains that can be made in shot to shot consistency by upgrading you could gain more by learning simple techniques like trigger operation and consistent aim and hold. Things like lightening trigger pull and correctly spacing inner barrels would help shot to shot consistency, but also things like marking hop settings and ensuring your ammunition is consistent and clean will make potentially big differences. If you're asking what to upgrade to make it more skirmishable, hop bucking and barrel are your best start points. Save triggers etc until they fail (as they will).
  14. mcwimbo

    Anyone run a Glock 34?

    Glock 34's kick ass. Fit in most but not all glock 17 holsters as long as it has an open muzzle end. Mags compatible with 17's and 18's. Extra length isn't really noticeable in hand (ooh errr missus) and i find them incredibly well balanced. Real ones are often used in IPSC competitions. I'd recommend a ksc one with a shooters design slide or similar. Couple with a new hammer spring and recoil spring and you'll have a real nail driver.
  15. mcwimbo

    WE Sigs

    The 226 E2 was designed for slightly smaller hands, but not so much that average hands would be uncomfortable. I'm a glove size 8/9 and either type of sig is comfortable for me.