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  1. mcwimbo

    WAS are they with it?

    WAS kit is good, no doubt. I use a fair few bits myself, BUT you are in the league's of the big boys price wise and you can pick up eagle industries, HSGI, emdom and tactical tailor kit for similar prices which are arguably slightly better quality.
  2. mcwimbo

    Gun picture thread

    https://www.ar15.com/forums/armory/M16A3__is_it_a_flat_top_like_the_A4_/23-271767/ I stand corrected, it appears AR15 A3's from colt are flat top. M16A3's appear to be a very rare beast indeed.
  3. mcwimbo

    Gun picture thread

    A2 has a fixed carry handle, A3 has a detachable carry handle (flat top receiver).
  4. Note i said over priced not over paid 🤣
  5. Swap the word armourer for over priced civilian contractor...
  6. mcwimbo

    The Airsoft Second Hand Market

    I've bought and sold literally hundreds of guns over the years. As others mention above i rarely used to lose money when reselling, i reckon there's a time most aeg's in use were 3rd/4th hand. But selling these days seems slow. On the other hand, People seem to mess with/ butcher/ upgrade things far more often these days than I'm comfortable with. If you mention high ROF, swiss cheesing or AoE correction in your advert then I'm simply not buying it.
  7. mcwimbo

    IMI and Nuprol holsters

    What I'm trying to say (badly) is they all work in a similar way. The holster is attached to the platform by a bolt passing through a hole in the platform, as long as the head of the bolt is wider than the hole in the platform it should work with just the bolt from the holster. Even if its too small you could just use a washer. The only problem i can see is if the bolt is too short for the thickness of the platform, in which case a longer bolt would cure it. I've used IMI holsters with loads of airsoft guns, that said, not a glock.
  8. mcwimbo

    IMI and Nuprol holsters

    Screw size won't matter, just use the screw from the holster on the new platform. Ive used fobus roto platforms with IMI holsters with success but no direct experience of nuprol.
  9. mcwimbo

    Re-usable grenade recommendation

    Another vote for dynatex timed.
  10. mcwimbo

    Case for multiple pistols

    Anybody know what size you need for a 14.5" barrelled armalite split into upper/ lower?
  11. Ferro danger pouch attached to the bottom of the carrier, covers the wobbly bits for me. Problem is, your plate carrier is actually covering the bits it should and is designed to cover Heart, lungs, liver etc. You may be better off with a more generic armour type, like an osprey or IBA etc. Modern plate carriers are designed to stop a critical hit often sacrificing abdo cover for mobility etc, try working in and out of a vehicle in full armour and you'll soon see why. It's a toughy but the dangler pouch has saved my podge more than once.
  12. mcwimbo

    Attaching to molle

    https://www.uktactical.com/p-3704-imi-rotating-molle-attachment-black.aspx?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhfaMoLzU3QIVCLvtCh2cbQq_EAQYASABEgJm-PD_BwE Something like this, or https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fobus-Molle-Platform-Mounting-Rotating/dp/B079BX6S4T This Should work.
  13. mcwimbo

    Attaching to molle

    Looks like an IMI or fobus ROTO mount might work. Is it a central allen bolt and 2 textured circles?
  14. mcwimbo

    Tac gear clearout, mostly high end molle


    • For sale
    • Used

    Clearing out a load of no longer used gear. Prices are flexible for bulk deals. All gear is in good condition but most has been used at some stage. Unless mentioned all include Malice clips etc. Prices are each pouch/piece. Postage to be agreed but i won't rip you off. OD molle gear Tactical tailor one piece MAV £30 Tactical tailor m4 triple mag pouches £12.50 each (4 available) Tactical tailor M4 single pouches (the original and best) £5.50 each (5 available) NO malice clips included Tactical tailor 3 lt hydro cover. £12.50 Emdom BOMB sewer green £17.50 Bianchi M12 holster £20 PPM horizontal utility £15 HSGI Nalgene bottle pouch (2 available) £17.50 WAS large radio pouch £12.50 Other bits Tactical tailor smoke grenade pouch (multicam) £12.50 Dpm gen issue ops vest £20 Dpm Arktis chest rig (well used) £20 Dpm plce holster £10 MTP battle belt (I'll throw in the pouches shown) £15 Cheap chicom canvas chest rig £15 China made adjustable belt mounted/drop leg holster £10 Uncommon US woodland PT vest replica (very good quality) £40 5.11 VTAC m4 mag pouch (has been sprayed) £12.50