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  1. Mr.Stealth1998

    Vest/Plate Carrier Identification (Far Cry again)

    Thanks for your help guys! It is for airsoft trying to work on a loadout a bit different but difficult to say the least 😂 but thanks again guys much appreciated! 👍
  2. Hello guys! Would someone be able to identify or recommend a vest close to the looks of those shown below!? Hope someone can help
  3. Mr.Stealth1998

    Help finding equipment from Far Cry 5

    Just had a look, and yeah that looks like it could work thank you very much! much appreciated
  4. Hello guys! Hope everyone is well, this may be a bit of a weird one as I haven't seen a game related or cosplay related topic on here yet, however I thought I'd give it a go, a friend of mine is working on a cosplay for a character from the game Far Cry 5. however is stuck on finding a related looking tactical vest/body armor for it, the pictures below are not great but the plate insert is on the front and it also provides the use of molle pouches, and it has buckles on the shoulders. This is the best I can do t my knowledge hope someone could help I figured it is worth a shot thanks guys again hope everyone is well 👍
  5. Mr.Stealth1998

    Identify Flashlight???

    Hello guys! I am struggling to identify this flashlight seen on this bright yellow m4 (From the movie Chappie) and was wondering if anyone here would be able to help, hope everyone had a good weekend! Hope you guys can help
  6. Mr.Stealth1998

    Plate Carrier Alternative

    Definitely a good option! Thank you Oh wow okay awesome, thank you I will take a look
  7. Mr.Stealth1998

    Plate Carrier Alternative

    Thank you! Much appreciated Thank you very much, I will have a look! That's not a bad idea! Thanks a lot Not a bad alternative for sure! Thank you very much, and definitely a more cheaper option than what I am looking for!
  8. Mr.Stealth1998

    Plate Carrier Alternative

    Hello everybody! Hope you all had a good weekend, I am currently planning a new loadout and need help with the plate carrier! After help identifying the plate carrier I need, I now need to find a cheaper alternative to the First Spear Siege-R plate carrier (Image below) If anyone knows of a cheaper alternative it would be much appreciated! Thanks guys
  9. Mr.Stealth1998

    Loadout HELP!

    Thank you very much!
  10. Mr.Stealth1998

    Loadout HELP!

    Hello guys! Hope you are all doing well, I was wondering if anyone here could please identify the plate carrier in this image the black one to the right? And the one to the left on the second image below thanks guys hope someone can help!