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What types of guns are legal

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7 minutes ago, Crb123 said:

What types of guns are legal without a ukara licence.


e.g. Co2 and electric

Dude, you said the L word.



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AEG, GBB, CO2 etc doesn't come into it.


There is a whole section on legalities on the forum, but in laymans terms UKARA is a defence for the seller to sell a RIF (real imimation firearm) to an adult (over 18).  There are other forms of defence, but that's the one most shops will look for.  The law focuses more on the sale side of the transaction, so the onus is more on the seller.


You can purchase an Imitation firearm as long as you are over 18 without UKARA (can be the exact same gun as a RIF, jut two toned with a colour like bright red or blue, this is not an exhaustive list of colours).  Paint should cover at least 51% of the gun.


So any two toned airsoft gun as long as they are FPS legal and you are over 18 can be purchased without worrying about UKARA.  Though for most people the recomendation is to get UKARA sorted before buying anything, play a few times with rental guns to make sure you will stick with airsoft and you get a feel for what type of gun you like.





PS UKARA is a defence, not a License.

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From your other thread:


On 02/07/2018 at 08:12, Rogerborg said:

However, if you're a 12 year old wanting to spray your dayglo orange BBshootaz.com gat so that you can shit up your mates, gonnae no dae that.



I rather suspect this to be the case.  Am I wrong?


If you tell us more about yourself and what you want to do, we can give more helpful advice.

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