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Is this gun any good - CM.507 from Taiwan Gun

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Hello all,


Okay firstly I'm not sure if this is the correct thread for info regarding this, rather well priced gun, so I apologise in advance.




I haven't quite got my ukara yet, or been to a skirmish, but I am however looking a little early at prospective weapons that I generally like the look of. And stumbled across this after trawling through some threads and finding the Taiwan gun webstore.


So will it be reliable? Is it well made? Is it cheap for a reason? Etc etc.


Also been looking at this and trying to find out again of it's any good?





As you can tell I like the m4 variants, I'd prefer to play pew-pew pretending to be a US Marine, rather than as an insurgent with an AK.

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Thanks a lot man!


Yeah been reading up on the g&g or jg ones.


They do seem to be the most popular/reliable and the ones that more experienced airsofters point noobs towards.

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did a review of the cm515 and it is not bad

but clearly said about G&G being a wiser choice for M4




AK - cyma but tbh not the 521 or Spartac's at Gunfire

the cyma 028 or 037 have metal top cover instead of plastic (which will break over time)

so the 028 or 037 at about a tenner more is worth it imho


G36c - JG - nuff said, one of the most popular hire guns at sites so that must say a lot


Just over 100 Euro - say £75 and those guns are brilliant value for money


BUT think G&G's Raider is hard to beat - yes I know everybody has them

Receiver is better, motor hmmm but the cyma 515 long motor wasn't great either


Also G&G prices in UK are about the best plus a Raider at £123 ain't bad with free 2-tone

plus today only Zero One have 10% of G&G's with XMAS12 code if ya missed out on Black Friday 15% deals


the cyma M4 is not bad though - certain miles and miles better than any JBBG crap

and at like £65-£70 I have bought worse, but G&G even a Raider you can see & feel the difference

and as a first gun if you can run to a G&G from a UK retailer - go for it

if budget is tight then ok cyma but it is very plastic - the brittle plastic type - stock tube, mag catch etc...

still better than JBBG but think G&G is worth the extra

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Wouldn't get a CYMA m4.. CYMA AKs is another matter completely thou

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Thanks a lot peoples.


I will be reading further into the threads to generate further knowledge for myself. Teach a man to fish right?


But yeah I reckon I will be going down the g&g route, especially now I found out there are second hand ones possibly floating about. I don't wanna buy cheap crap that doesn't last me. As said before I have a ton of hobbies and trying to spread my disposable income is difficult. I reckon I'll get right into this once I start building my gear up and heading to games.

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