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  1. two_zero

    AK picture thread! :)

    Because sometime, you just want to browse AKs. Don't forget to crosspost in Gun picture thread! I start!
  2. two_zero

    Gun picture thread

    aye. no big AR fan either.. actually.. I rather dislike them. but that one is fine along side with the rest of the collection
  3. two_zero

    Gun picture thread

    ..not a big g36 fan tbh... but man I like your collection!!!!
  4. well... TA TA!!

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    2. Aengus


      Yay time to either pay ridiculous markup from uk stores (if they actually have what you want) or pay ridiculous import fees :(

    3. SeniorSpaz87


      *whispers (or come to me)....

    4. Jedi_Master


      Well, we could all join the US of A and become their 51 state .

  5. two_zero

    Need advice bringing RIFs in the UK

    yea.. I was just being a jerk, sorry about that! Thou if it happens, the actual leaving would not be today, the process of leaving will probably being some time soon thou.
  6. two_zero

    KWC Desert Eagle Fire Selector Markings - Possible Counterfeit

    I hope that you have got a valid UKARA number, or some child of a customs employee is gonna have a real cool new toy if you order that thing^^
  7. two_zero

    Need advice bringing RIFs in the UK

    Do it before brexit (if it happens). As I've heard customs pretty much wont accept anything but a valid UKARA number. Best bet is to spray it. finally, welcome!
  8. two_zero

    Redwolf vs redwolf UK?

    HK branch vs UK branch - obliviously!
  9. two_zero

    Redwolf vs redwolf UK?

    ..I was expecting a battle to the death between the two retailers when I opened this thread
  10. two_zero

    Found a place for new CQB in London

    Was thinking more about all the airsoft related accidents that can happen.
  11. two_zero

    Found a place for new CQB in London

    generally - yes. starting an airsoft site seems to be a right hassle, sadly.
  12. two_zero

    What do you do when your bored?

    Start a company, help a charity, grab your bike - endless opportunities bruw!
  13. two_zero

    What do you do when your bored?

  14. two_zero

    How often do you play

    One or twice weekly, when I do. Haven't played for a while thou - too many commitments! Pretty much selling off all my stuff save for a krinkov and some kit that fits along it in a civilian backpack. Dont really need much more than that when I play, and cant justify owning more when I dont currently play. Oh and it makes airsoft quite free from hassle!
  15. oh dear would probably save you a lot of time, money, effort and tears to just get a G&G cm16. That's just my guess thou!
  16. really? what manufacturer is it?
  17. two_zero

    Best two tone

    which interestingly rules out my option^^
  18. two_zero

    Best two tone

    believe it or not. RED. Can't remember what member have a red two tone in his profile pic, and I think he kept using it even after he got his UKARA. I'd say this one is not legal, as it clearly covers less than 50%, but the colour is very dull: Oh and here's a picture of what I believe to be a real gun: Unless I am mistaken, which I may well be, blue is not a legal two tone colour. The problem is that it is moulded transparent thou, meaning you cant sand it off when you legally can do so.
  19. Translation: Twelve year old had illegal weapon The boy shot a friend in the cheek at close range. It happened in Norway and the weapon was a softgun-pisol that the not yet twelve year old boy got as a gift. Police in Sölvesberg captioned event as assault and illegal possession of weapons, the latter as one must be 18 years old to possess softgun-weapons. Now the boys gun has been seized and the boy will be destroyed. (no, that's not a mistranslation) Is it just me, or does that seems a tad bit harsh XD
  20. no messing around in norway
  21. two_zero

    Was this marshal out of order ..... ?

    not ok, imho.
  22. two_zero

    14 June - TWA

    I'll be there, who else is coming?? they got pickup service in croydon now aswell for £3 http://www.tacticalwarfare.co.uk/Welcome.html