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Over the past year I have tried 3 anti fog liquids to augment my Desert Locust turbofan goggles. Only one of those solutions has been any good.


Revision anti fog cloth packs (little sachets)


This stuff is truly brilliant, it is by far the best anti fog I have come across so far. Its expensive as each satchet only survives a game day before its dried out. So while you can use it all day and reapply by the next day it will have dried out in the packet and be useless.


Nuprol anti fog spray


Utter garbage, was totally worthless. Smells like fairy liquid and works worse than it. Avoid avoid avoid.


Fogtech anti fog


This isn't too bad. It comes in similar satchets to the Revision anti fog so suffers the same problem of being expensive. The revision clothes work better than this, it just lasts longer and clears better afterwards whereas this anti fog if you do fog will tend to leave a distorting film on your goggles. Its cheaper but its not as good.


McNett Op Drops


This is a little bottle of anti fog liquid and use a drop of it on each eye so its 37ml will last me a long long time. Its definitely better than the Nuprol anti fog spray and I give it to people who have not brought and anti fog or don't have a decent one and most find it works a lot better than what they were using. Its not as effective as either the Fogtech or the Reivison clothes but its probably 1/1000th of the price over the long term.


So right now with money no object I recommend the Revision cloths. But I really would like something that is as good as what they have but which comes in a bottle so its a bit cheaper to run. I was inclined to write this having just read a review of Nuprol and having bought some to try and replace my revision cloths only to find it was truly terrible stuff.



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I've use this for years, on bike visors, ski goggles in the Alps, ballistic glasses and googles in the desert and it's fantastic. Pretty much every bike shop in the country sells it for about £4


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Have you tried Abbey AntiFog Spray? Used correctly it really does work.

It's also great for visors, reading glasses even mirrors.

It doesn't contain a soapy solution, it's formulation cleans and kills germs.


Instructions for use, in case anyone has been using it incorrectly:

Spray on and wipe away using a microfiber cloth.

The art is to leave a thin invisible film of Abbey AntiFog, this will give you all day protection from fogging and condensation.





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I always found cat crap to be really good for the price.

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I use Bob heath and its done me well so far :)


My mate uses cat crap and rates it highly too

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I know its been a while but I finally got the chance to try the Bob heath anti fog. It worked initially, having applied it to clean goggles and allowed it to dry it did some fogging for about 15 minutes in Bunker 51. However by the second game it was overwhelmed and cleaning and reapplying wasn't really going to work considering the dry time. I need to compare it in woodland but the dry time is my main issue with the stuff, it might be as good as Revisions anti fog wipes but its not as easy to reapply.

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Ok bringing back an Old topic now as this seems to be coming up again and again.....and saves many news ones appearing


Has anyone been using the above mentioned products and can they give any feedback to them, or any new ones they have come across?


Ive since been using Fogtech wipes on all my googles / glasses

I apply before the safety briefing, this then allows it to dry

Usually i take with me into a game, rev sawflies, Essv12s and my desert locust fan goggles


Only issues ive had is my sawflies still fog up badly, not sure why, i was wearing my fast helmet

ESSv12s i seem to be able to use all day with very little worry, sometimes moisture runs

Desert Locusts, same as above. sometimes moisture runs


Generally im only wearing a cap, with neck scrim and V2 face mask, have worn fast helmet with them as well

Fast Helmet has my bullet Ants attached to top, again, very little issue with these


ESSv12s - no foam, all removed

Bullet Anys - no foam, all removed

Revision DL turbofans - still has foam in, use both thermal and standard lens


I sweat like a (insert word here), but everyone is different


so for me, fogtech wipes are ideal, i will try the bottled version. I apply before safety brief and again at lunch


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update to fogging issues...


played a game at weekend at Combat Airsoft Thetford, very warm day but a nice breeze :) 

took with me, Rev sawflies, ESSv12s (no foam) and Turbo fans (no bottom foam and normal clear lens on this set)

Sprayed this time with Abbey Antifog

Sawflies - again gave up using them....

ESSv12s - didn't wear

Rev fans, no fogging but only the drizzle affect


head wear, seemed worse with a boonie on, i think just blocking fan? but behaved better in afternoon while wearing a cap

Gameplay, well not a lot of running as had the DMR in the morning but more action in the afternoon


see what happens on sat at urban as will be moving more....



mmmm maybe split this topic to new 'Anti fog product use' and let others add reviews??


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8th July - Game 

Warm day, about 26deg, breeze now and again

mainly in buildings and holding position more so no air flow as not moving as much


Lens sprayed and wiped with Abbey Antifog spray during kids watching power rangers before i left!


Wore fast helmet and revisions, standard clear lens, not thermal,  all day, with V2 mask. Foam removed from bottom. Goggles were ok, no fogging but occasional build up of moisture that ran down side of lens


so far Abbey doing ok for me, i re-apply at lunch break though and give them a wipe down



fogging, fogtech, fan, revision, ESS, goggles, Abbey, 

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I just use the stuff I use for my motorbike helmet. Nikwax Visor Proof. Cost me about £6 from my local garage/bike shop. One bottle lasted me approx 2 years.


Sprayed it onto my ESSv12s (no foam) and worked it in as usual. Spends the entire day completely fog free and I sweat like a mofo, literally dripping down my face for most of the day. Never need to re-apply as this stuff only washes off after about an hour of torrential rain when it's on my helmet and even then it's still half-effective.


Definately recommend.



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