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AEG for CQB - Suggestions

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Hey guys,


looking to replace my SA80 with something a little lighter to use as a backup AEG or a primary for when i play indoors (wont bother trying to use a GBBR at The Hive again after i realised how many mags i would have to carry :P)


heres a list of what im after:

  1. Budget: around £200
  2. Weight: No more than 2.5kg empty
  3. style: Any
  4. must be able to get hold of replacement parts
  5. must accept M4 style magazines
  6. preferably compatibly with my PTS magazines
  7. must have (or be possible to install) rear sling point
  8. must not be longer than an 8" barrel M4

I had been looking at a G&G GR15, but there arent any in stock in the UK that i can find. I'm open to other options, as long as its something reliable and can take a bit of a beating.



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What about a stubby 4" RIS M4 like this? http://www.taiwangun.com/en/pj4-cqb-navy-p-j?from=listing&campaign-id=14

Similarly there's also the G&G Firehawk but I wouldn't get the newer model which is a full auto only one.


They're under £200, under weight requirement, are AR platform so will accept M4 magazines and A&K / G&G are TM style so plenty of manufacturers making replacement internal and external parts.

I know G&Gs will work with PTS PMAGs, not sure if you mean EMAGs / EPMs? Can't think if PTS has made any non-Magpul magazines yet or not. Don't know about the A&K (P&J)

Can of course have a sling plate on the buffer tube (e.g. a Magpul clone ASAP is £4 off Ali Express)

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