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Rechargeable Co2 cartridge!

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I was thinking of using CO2 carts in my kjw glock 23 if they make those mags for them

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Hmmm. Seems to only really save money in the long run(Does it even?),and I honestly find the convenience not so great since you have to pop it in and out of mags anyway. Am I misunderstanding something here?


So to run this,which uses a standard GBB charging valve you'll need a Co2 charger which you can get for about 15 quid. That's 23 pounds already spent.

Assume I have a gun with only one mag that fires 48 shots with a full Co2 cartridge on an average day,rather optimistic given Irish weather but whatever,let's also assume it's something like a KJW Hicapa which works on both Co2 and Green gas . After these shots I take out the mag and pop out the cartridge,which costs me 40p from the local shop.


With this reusable cartridge though I need to take it out the mag, stick in the 40p cartridge into my fancy charger in order to fill the reusable cartridge. So I'm not really saving anything am I? And if I use green gas to fill the cartridge,will it be any more efficient than just using green gas mags for the gun? And if it is,is it really worth the hassle of refilling it over a GG mag?


From what I see,it seems to be useless for most GBB pistols that use Co2 since most fire under site limits anyway. Rifles too since you can usually get NPAS for them,will the reusable cartridge on green gas have any efficiency or reliability gain over NPAS+Co2?


I can only really see the benefit if you are using those KWC Non blowback pistols like the Makarov which is popular among Russiaboos,that shoot 400 out of the box.


It seems to have a very limited use.


Pardon me if I ranted or grossly misunderstood something,just after coming home from a bike trip

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If you fill it from CO2 cartridges it saves you nothing, but presumably you can refill it from a much larger tank that didn't cost anywhere near as much per cartridge. There are many ways to get compressed CO2, many are much much cheaper than the little canisters for a given volume.

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