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I am completely new on this forum and I am wondering if I am in the right place. I run a small video production company in Edinburgh and am currently developing a short military film. I am looking for affordable and reliable way to find realistic looking weapon props for the entirely studio - based production and I thought that Airsoft enthusiasts could be a good people to go.


Please forgive me if my request sounds offensive, I am completely unfamiliar with Airsoft community customs. I am simply wondering if it's possible to interest someone for renting their rifle, with dates and details agreed upon in advance and for reasonable price, for short film filming? It is an entirely studio - based production where weapons will only be held by the guards and there will be no scenes involving their use (all the flashes and shots can easily be added in post ptoduction).


Also, could you please guys advise me where I could buy reasonably priced replicas too? I checked the shops o9n internet and it does seem like an expensive sport to be honest:)


Thanks everyone for your help!





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1st thing I'll ask is.......


What era is this film based on ?? no point using a weapon from 'alien' if its set during the Crimea war

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I know a local film maker who has borrowed my guns before. Look for local airsoft sites on facebook and ask on there, no-one is going to want to send their gun via courier so best to find them locally. Alternatively ask a local retailer such as Landwarrior airsoft if they could help you out.

Some sort of idea about the type of guns would be helpful in making better suggestions.

You may as well try and use the airsofters as extras, they will feel better knowing that their prized possessions are not leaving their sight and they may already have the uniforms etc.

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Very good suggestions, sites local to you may be your best best for loan/easing guns.

also an idea of the period/time your film is set in and what types of weapons you require? (Pistols, rifles etc).

I'm sure that would be cheaper than going to a bespoke film prop company, especially if you don't need realistically firing versions.

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