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Good afternoon! Returning after 12 years!

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So, I used to play Airsoft at Absolute Airsoft (I think) back over 10 years ago with my best mate. I had a gas powered uzi and that's it haha. I was young (in my teens) at the time.


I've been looking at finding a Sunday filler and my brain has gone back to airsoft. I just checked and Absolute Airsoft are still going, and now have a site at Reading! I was wondering if I could ask a few questions.


1) What legalities are required for me to purchase a high end fps rifle? Such as this badboy:




2) How are the communities at these sites? When I last went, I have vague memories of know it alls acting superior due to age and experience which really took away the joy from the experience from time to time. One of which, some yank at a weekend long game (Euro games?) who was a marshal was stonking drunk trying to lecture me and my friends on fire safety as we made coffee over a tiny fire block... Not one of the finest moments. Is it still like this?


3) What restrictions am I likely to encounter? Is there any new safety kit that's mandatory? Last time, it was wearing goggles/mask. And that was about it. Obviously wear appropriate clothing. Has the insurance of these places got grips making everyone where high vis and what have you?


4) What age group on average? I'm almost 30, which I still consider young...


Sorry for a vague first post, I just don't want to get too excited before going to the above site and slapping my cash against the screen.

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Hey pal, I myself am a returning player after a ten year break, git two skirmishes under my belt lately and loving it again! You need ukara to buy guns new and not two tones, so id concentrate on getting that (which does mean renting/borrowing guns for a few games).


Goggles/face protection is still mandatory, but noone bar marshalls/people in certain scenarios wears high vis haha!


Get your teeth into it son, its awesome

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It's not a licence mate, it's defence widely used to get around the Violent Crimes Reduction Act (VCRA). To get one you need to attend (and be registered as attending so book in) at least 3 skirmishes in no less than 2 months at a UKARA registered site. Practically every Airsoft shop accepts UKARA so it's the best (and easiest) to attain.


That's to buy a realistic looking gun. For a two tone gun (51% of it painted in a bright colour/transparent) you only need to be over 18.

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Kind of bizarrely, if you already own one you don't need a defence. They're not illegal to own, but it would be illegal for the retailer or private seller if they sold a gun to you without an appropriate defence.

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Have a look through these two guides:




The community depends on the site. I'm the same age as you and played at a site outside Reading run by Rebel Troop 10 years ago or so if you remember that shop? The attitude of players there wasn't great and to be honest I have never heard anything good about Absolute(although I think this is more the site).


The Mall in reading is also close but I've never been and Xsite Lane End is 30 minutes give or take from you. I can vouch for the players at Xsite as all the regulars are cool and I got treated well as a new player.


Age range is very mixed, theres kids from 12ish upwards and whilst definitely not the oldest one of the chaps I play with is 48. Typically 20-30 odd is the largest proportion of players i've found.


What are the requirements if I already own a gun from back in the day? Can I turn up to a skirmish with that and count it towards one of my 3 stamps?


As Airsoft_Mr_B said you can without issue, just make sure it's covered travelling to and from site. Getting a UKARA number is the easiest way to buy guns by far(hence why it's often erroneously referred to as a license) you can do your 3 games in no less than 2 months with any gun of your choosing(e.g. a hire gun, your gun from back in the day or a mates gun)

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