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  1. Finally started shooting the CM16 just to test it today but I've a few problems:

    Out of the box, it shoots really low and left. I adjusted the rear sights a bit and tried messing around with the hopup (which goes the opposite way to the instructions supplied it seems) but its still pretty inaccurate at a little less than 10m. Any advice?

    Also I probably put around 100ish rounds through it, should I put the battery on charge again before tomorrow?


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    2. StayOnTarget


      I agree with Hamster turn your hop to zero to avoid any damage while cleaning use a dry cloth first and see what comes out.I found the flip up sights on my MK18 pretty crap to be honest but works fine with the fixed Krytac sights? 

      Keep us posted on what goes on and I hope it sorts itself out

    3. JamesAirsofterAgent


      Have an exam tomorrow so haven't had time to test and clean, however I the rifle seemed to perform fine yesterday (and holy crap CQB is amazing) but I don't think accuracy was much of a problem seeing as most people were only metres away.


      If anyone gets the chance go to Spartans CQB site before its demolished it was the best game I've ever played.

    4. StayOnTarget


      Best of luck with the exam👍