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  1. Ive got an IMI one (for glock 17) and it equired a bit of sanding and modification but its a perfect fit. Ive heard that they work in glock 21 holsters perfectly but havent tested this.
  2. Yeah everyone expected Uruguay to do poorly against the Aussies but not with a point difference like that. However the real surprise during the World Cup has been that Japan game. I thought England looked alright against Wales for the first part but went downhill.
  3. i know it's a bit late but I thought I'd post anyway. This is a discussion thread from the RWC 2015 if anyone's watching or following it. feel free to discuss anything and have predictions Let's start off with Australia Uruguay 65-3 pretty good score for the wallabies there
  4. *shuts gearbox first time easily* hmm happy with that. Oh sh!t forgot ar latch. *spends 10 minutes retrying with ar latch* still in pieces.......

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    2. Sitting Duck
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      I normally stick a small screwdriver through the hole and poke it into place

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      earth magnet - just 1 of them holds that AR latch in place perfectly when it tries to jump out of box, alas don't work on trigger coz alloy, but less need for a 3rd hand so much when closing up box. Also helps to keep AR latch/spring in place when opening too

  5. Ah okay then,thanks for trying it's much appreciated. I'll bear with the plastic one for now then or have a go at modifying a normal one
  6. I'm not sure how much it had had through it but I think it's an older one. The internals that need replacing aren't that bad it's just the over use of grease that's the worst. If you could it would be very helpful,the inly thing is it had 4 lugs, the ones in your site appear to have 2. Anyway if it works I'll be ordering one.
  7. Yeah, its the 19.7 one i guess. Ordered all the parts except the spring guide and motor for the moment and yeah it is quite niuce to work on. Hop up doesnt really need much, just get the gearbox going well first i think
  8. Ive measured the nozzle, its just over 19mm. Anyone know one of the same size? Never mind an AK one should fit
  9. h I'll try and replace just the arm. The hop up ales screws into the gearbox so can't be replaced but it's alright anyway, metal one. Could try that with the spring guide actually And yeah it's the one from here, pretty happy with the deal on it bit of a change from an m4
  10. Cheers Duck. I was worried that the spring guide would be as although ita a bearing one its plastic :/ Yeah the one in there looks like a normal cylinder head thought id actually linked the plastic one lol and yeah i dont fit the bearings either. Probs not going to go all metal yet if at all, especially when replacing all of this at once. Get it running well together first then maybe swap out i think.
  11. So i just got a UAR the other day and upon opening the gearbox.... woah. It was disgusting and ill link some pictures. Anyway i need to replace some crap/broken parts and have some questions. Does anyone know what nozzle the gearbox takes? and as the gearbox is a quick change spring system can i replace the spring guide? And finally anyone know if a standard AK hop unit is compatible? It uses a slightly different one, ill take a photo tomorrow Here are the parts im thinking of: http://www.ak2m4.co.uk/internal-parts/bushings-shims/zci-bushings-7mm http://www.ak2m4.co.uk/internal-parts/cy
  12. shouldnt be loads, if you shop around and order from asia the prices are greatly reduced. You can start off with the gun and just one mag for a bit really. You just dont want to buy really cheap eyepro however as your eyes are quite important. Read this also: http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/17294-ians-guide-to-noobism-on-a-tight-budget/
  13. UKARA simply put is a list of known registered skirmishers in the country. A UKARA membership serves as a defense against the VCRA, an act that effectively bans RIFs(non two tones) However, as you have a defense(your UKARA) you can manufacture,purchase and import one. You get your UKARA by attending a site that is registered and going to three games in no less than three months. Basically for the first games you should rent a gun and try it out and then purchase once you have UKARA Read these for a bit more: http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/12-vcra/ - provides link to VCRA ht
  14. And another one! A quote from ed about this here: My brother used to have one of those P90s pre-VCRA. The mag has a ramp in it to make it 100% gravity fed and the box quotes 0.08J Shoots barely 15ft and fires faster than it feeds. Which is still slow as fuck.
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