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  1. Hey man did you upgrade any of the internals in your krytac? 

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    2. PT247


      Do you shoot in auto or semi? I very rarely use auto as that will give you variance in fps and accuracy. In Semi, I can hit a head sized target at 50m once I have worked out the compensation for wind probs 8 out of 10 shots (in a low wind day) using 0.28g BBs (@335fps on 0.2g or @288fps on 0.28g BBs)

    3. PT247


      check out the Krytac facebook group, there is a thread on there about which mags work in the Mk1s and another about mags for the Mk2s

    4. victim


      I mostly use semi, tho i did find myself switching to full auto every now and then. 


      I did this at the weekend there, its about 24mt then lenght of my garden, the outter circle is a 750ml paint tin and the inner was a pepper shaker. Once i zeroed the t1 and got the hop right about my last 20 shots were in the circle


  2. Nice just spotted Ians guide and now im after b6 ac. Thanks man
  3. I'm now reading that this one I linked is a copy and this is a genuine https://hobbyking.com/en_us/imax-b6-50w-5a-charger-discharger-1-6-cells-genuine.html?___store=en_us but it says at the bottom Note: Power supply not included. So I need to buy that also?
  4. Looking 7.4 battery and a charger for the cbr myself, after a bit of research I've found these https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-nano-tech-1400mah-2s-15-25c-lipo-airsoft-pack-1.html https://hobbyking.com/en_us/imax-b6-ac-charger-discharger-1-6-cells-1.html But it seems very cheap, are these decent? Am I missing something? I'd rather 7.4 over 11.1 for now btw, rof means nothing to me right now.
  5. Yea sorry, not sure why I got so triggered but it just gained momentum from there lol and we all looked like clowns, but such is the way with internet egos. And yes I did use the search function, I've actually spent a lot of time checking out both weapons I just wanted peoples opinions without me adding my own first. Forums are a special kind of place because as people come and go others will stay, it's inevitable that the same questions will be asked over and over, I personally feel it's up to the individual to decide whether they want to be a part of that topic this time around. Tho I do understand the need to keep forums neat and not have the same post repeated 3 times a week. Anyway thanks for the input folks, I'm about 80% on my decision.
  6. Just get an eye patch mate, not only is it practical as f*ck but you'll look like such a badass
  7. Your wordplay is amazing man, so you work for The Sun by any chance? How can someone be in the wrong for defending themselves? "Don't call your guns weapons" and "accept you were wrong and move on" from someone who called me a d*ckhead lol I could just imagine you rolling your sleeves up "ok no more mister nice guy" I'm reading about some issues with voided warranty on the EVOs due to them now saying DON'T use 11 lipos even tho it says they are specifically designed for it, might have just pushed my decision to go krytac
  8. You did and I thanked you for your help, I don't mind a bit of friendly banter either. And now thanks to "Ujustgotsarged" I understand why you corrected my use of the word weapon, doesn't excuse the intent behind how you said it or that you tried to swap it around on me for using a swear word. But hey we're all adults here right?
  9. Ask the guys on the forums if you need airsoft info they said, they'll be quite helpful they said. Who'd thought you could get into a 2 day argument with territorial 3k post forum clowns, all high fiving each other on their insults. GG guys. Thanks for the help. What I learned, do not call a replica weapon a weapon, call it a toy gun or a small pack of airsoft justice warriors will come out of the shadows dressed like a special ops force and turn your thread into a sh*t show warzone that would be on the "hot topic" list for days.
  10. I said there was no need for you to act like a c*nt, but you've proven yourself to be one too. And from the likes of you I would expect no less than brown sauce with those fries.
  11. Does yours stand for PotaToe 24/7? Should I just call you Spud 9/11 from now on?
  12. But you ended up swapping it for the TM Scar? How does that compare, is it another small step up or does it feel like a huge leap?
  13. Yes Northern Ireland is 1 joule, I was originally going to spend £180ish on a g&g but after a lot of research I increased my budget to £300/350 to chose between these 2 guns.
  14. Northern Ireland, I don't really wana say the site, because I've only been to it a few times and it wouldn't be fair to tar it without knowing if those guys were regulars
  15. well I asked him for the name of his gun after we finished and noted it down because it seemed like the best one out there that day and hurt me the most when hit, then someone here mentioned spring swapping being easy and I did a bit of google-fu and it made me wonder. How do you call cheaters out without getting into a fist fight? People can take it pretty serious. And as you can see the way I use my words usually triggers people but I'm honestly a decent guy. I didn't even once say to a marshal about them not calling hits, I just shot them more. One guy was behind a tree and I put maybe 40-50 pellets on his legs and he just kept swapping sides of the tree. It didn't really bother me too much that day but I think it would become an issue on intense games
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