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  1. God dammit. I was all against large collections of guns at the start. But, now that I have quite a number of rifles that i'm fixing up, it's actually quite nice to have a variety.

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Its a mixed blessing, especially if they're different stages of performance, because you'll end up having one you never use.


      I know my f2000 is suffering from that, its not a bad gun, nothing wrong with it, but going from a decent trigger on an m4/ak to the black and decker monstrousity of that thing is annoying. Same as the 42, not motivated enough to keep the conversion project rolling as i know the end product is going to be near useless aside from a technical experiment.

    2. heroshark


      That's why I collect springers. Small selection of about 5 solid skirmish guns. About 4-5 old/rare collectable gas guns. Then 60-70 odd springers. Some quite rare and collectable in their own right but on the whole relatively cheap to have laying around doing nothing the majority of the time. 

    3. Druid799


       was all against large collections of guns” why ????????? 😳

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