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    SRC G36c
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    ASG Mac 10
    KJW 228r (?)
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    OD overalls, black tac gear. A bit SWAT looking...but not really :D
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  1. Urban Assault - Worth driving hour and a half for?

    1. Finius
    2. Airsoft Related Nickname

      Airsoft Related Nickname

      Hahaha. Thanks. My usual site is pretty small, just fancy something a bit bigger.

  2. Wondering of a real steel slide stop would fit my TM px4. Because after googling...the rs is cheaper :D

    1. Airsoft Related Nickname

      Airsoft Related Nickname

      Or I might have to resort to buying an entire lower frame.

  3. I want a metal CTU badge :D

  4. Wow this Fobus holster is tight!

    1. Hibernator


      Tighten up your belt in that case, or you'll draw the gun complete with holster :) Happened to me with my USP :)

    2. Airsoft Related Nickname

      Airsoft Related Nickname

      Oh dear :D The belt loops on this are closed so I can't pull it off the belt. I have given myself a couple of wedgies though :D I think it just needs breaking in and of course I need to learn how to use it properly :D

  5. Awesome tips guys, thanks. I've repainted the grips so now they have a few different colours/layers and I have ordered some clear gloss varnish. So a little too late to follow your advice I figure I can always start again if my half arsed technique doesn't work
  6. Thanks guys To polish the ejection port cover I raided my wife's nail stuff! She has these cuboid nail files with four different surfaces on them. File, buff, smooth and shine. They work great for all sorts of stuff! I think I am going to repaint the grips before I varnish them. I want them a bit lighter I think. I just painted those with back, dark umber, and crimson acrylic paints. A coat of burnt umber or even an ochre should do the job
  7. 5.11 tactical shirt. Spray gloss varnish. Fobus holster.
  8. Another boring, slightly blurred, hand gun pic! I'm still bored so I have just painted the grips to get a wood effect. Pleased with it so far but I need to get some kind of varnish to make them look like nice shiny wood! I also polished that shiny thing in the middle. I don't even know what it's called I'm such a noob EDIT: I might polish up the trigger one day too to give it a bit of a custom look.
  9. Just painted the slide of my KJW KP02/p229. There was nothing actually wrong with it except the paint finish is a little on the shiny side. So I have applied a couple of thin coats of Plastikote just to take the edge off. It's a very subtle difference but I'm pleased with it
  10. Got bored. Painted KJW 228 slide.

    1. Airsoft-Ed
    2. Airsoft Related Nickname

      Airsoft Related Nickname

      Or p229. Can never remember which :D

  11. I'm only an occasional skirmisher and so my UKARA has just expired. I'm going to save so much money :D

    1. two_zero


      occasional? you only need to skirmish once every year mate!!


      but yes, you will definitely save money^^

    2. Airsoft Related Nickname

      Airsoft Related Nickname

      Well I go a bit more often than that....but I still got an email from Ukara saying my time was up!

    3. two_zero


      contact your site, they should have updated it.

  12. A cheap and cheerful shoulder holster off ebay and a Harrington style jacket from Tesco! 80's cop movie anybody?
  13. One's on my list too. It being slightly oversized is a wee bit off putting though.
  14. Thinking of trading my SRC G36c....

    1. Monty
    2. Airsoft Related Nickname

      Airsoft Related Nickname

      Yup. Leaning more and more towards just a pistol loadout.

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