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    SRC G36KV
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    British DPM assault kit including viper and webtex webbing.
    urban tan and black PMC kit.
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    airsoft, model trains, writng Sci-Fi and reading

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  1. waiting is boring! (especially when all you want is your helmet cover from china)

    1. Kaneweeks


      I know how you feel! Been waiting 5 weeks to get my hop up buckings from DealExtreme.. Somehow I don't think they're coming lol.

    2. murph


      Been waiting a month for my PEQ, I hate having to get stuff in from other countries!

    3. TPI


      Try being me i have 1 Tech who had an M4 for 4 Month's doing some Re-Wireing it was a write off when i looked at it... Grounded-Pilot actually kept in contact though...


      Sent it to another Tech to have it fixed and Checked over the begining of Feb, I'll be seeing this one in Court if the GB dosen't arrive Tomorrow Morning as it's supposedly been sent 08/03/2013 for almost 2 week's now... See you in Court Sl1k

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