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    SRC G36KV
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    British DPM assault kit including viper and webtex webbing.
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    airsoft, model trains, writng Sci-Fi and reading

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  1. striped my G36 for painting, hope the paint doesn't strip in places this time!

    1. TeddyBhoy


      What paint did you use mate? Highly reccomend two layers of krylon on top of some primer to be safe. Clear coat if you're extra concious about it. I think if you don't want it to chip you're supposed to let it dry for like 3 days.

    2. adam bussey

      adam bussey

      krylon olive green paint only used on layer though

    3. Hibernator


      You should really do it in 3 or 4 very thin coats for best results. If you're using Krylon you only need to leave it 20 mins or so between coats, so it's not going to take too long.

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