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    British DPM assault kit including viper and webtex webbing.
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  1. possible getting a Gen 1 night vision system for my birthday, also 0.2g vs 0.3g whats more accurate

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    2. DEDSEC


      Do you really need NV though? Do you play MILSIM or night operations?


      Just curious as it's a pricey toy to play with for a few days then not use again. Sure you want to splash that kinda cash on NV?

    3. BigBlackGlock


      I wouldn't even spend that much on an airsoft gun, let alone an accessory to put on one. NVGs are gonna be pretty impractical unless you're passionate about MILSIM and night ops as mentioned. Yeah it will look tacti-cool, but that is overkill for sure. Could do a lot more with that money. In my opinion anyway - if you really want them and have the money, then why not :) Your 0.3s might be more accurate, but less range (other way round for 0.2s). Does depend on your gun too.

    4. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      .3s all the way if you can lift them. More accuracy= More effective range. Make sure however your gun isn't hiking them up an arc and then dropping like an arty shell,and you should see a huge increase in effective range

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