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  1. 2 bits of coursework due tomorrow. Just starting one of them now. 15 / 2000 words down :( Better get a move on. Dunno if listening to the music from the training scenes from rocky is really helping :P

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    2. Airsoft-Ed


      All just proves my thoughts that Uni is a waste of time... If someone can achieve a grade that good in so little time then the grade is obviously meaningless, as is the entire course.


      I can't believe they have the audacity to charge so much for what is essentially a fraudulent "education". Pisses me off to the point of literal failure, I just can't motivate myself to bow into submission by doing the work when everything about it is bullshit of the highest possible...

    3. Tariq


      This was a advantage module though.we have to pick 1 mini module not related to our course. I just had to write about why people would buy my product. No way I could have passed.if.it was engineering related :P

    4. Airsoft-Ed


      Fair enough lol.

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