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  1. Placement applications sent off. Hopefully TATA reply. I have saved them thousands of pounds before XD

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    2. Chippins


      Good luck with that then bro, they'll love you if your saving them money haha

    3. Tariq


      Cheers. They probably didn't notice it happened :P Was working for a company that manufacture the suspension parts for landrover. Ended up testing a couple of parts and found huge irregularities with some, so had to test the entire batch (120,000 parts :( ) for dodgy ones. If the dodgy ones made it though to landrover, they would have probably broken the cars suspension and would have to recall half the cars :P

    4. Chippins


      That's pretty impressive mate, I've only worked on the actual manufacturing side with regards to stuff like that, its interesting on the first day or two and insanely boring once the machines become an every day sight, here's to making a break in the film industry haha

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