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  1. SU are making us hold formal elections. Had to book a room out and tell them the time so they can observe. Joke's on them though, each position is unopposed. Gonna be the shorted elections in history.

    1. Airsoft-Ed


      I just dictatored the shit out of our AGM elections. Just declared the officers over Facebook and asked if anyone had an issue with it.


      No one did, so there we have it.


      The Union seem to think we all have things to be busy about, it takes me about 3 minutes to organise trips and shit, I don't know what they think we do =/

    2. Tariq


      We did the same last year in the pub. The SU weren't very happy about that :P At least they've nominated us as best special interest society :)

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      We're basically a back alley dodgy deal society as far as doing stuff by the Union's actual procedures goes lol I do everything, I don't need any officers, other than to fill the Union's criteria to allow us to be on the Society A-Z, it's all a bit gay.

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