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  1. When your foot is broke and your favourite thing in life is running like 10km everyday... If you can walk you got it good.

    1. PT247


      I used to love running, I did something to my ankle in 2012 on a 5k Park Run when I'd just got back from sea (didn't notice it at the time), the next day I could barely walk and it got worse and worse. I had a lot of physio but nothing has fixed it, I just have to pain manage now, although I can mostly walk without too noticeable a limp and can do very short duration jogs (meters not kilometers), I have put on around 3 stone and generally feel miserable except when on my motorbike or playing airsoft (or shedded in a pub lol). 

    2. Da_sheriff


      Let the foot heal good and proper before you try going back out again sometimes you think youve healed then end up screwing your self back up again. good luck though bro

    3. padraigthesniper


      damn unlucky PT247 i hope you manage to fix your ankle man, and thanks sherrif yeah they say i might be able to walk on it in 3 weeks but that doesn't mean run... im gonna have to get back into cycling for a bit all this sitting around is torture airsoft would be a nightmare in this state.


      I tried to do some of my running laps on crutches, did like 2 miles then my hands were cut up and blistered, didn't do that again but i might have to im losing it lol.

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